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Sands of the Desert (AKA Hindu Sands) Revealed
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The Effect: The magician showed us there are three dishes that filled with red, yellow and green magical hindu sands. The magician then swishes his hand in the water and causing it to be dark so the audiences cannot see the bowl inside. The magician take red sand and places it into the water and followed with the green and yellow sand. Using his hand he stirs the mixture of sand in the water. The magician then dries his hand, showing them empty, reaches the bowl of water and brings out a handful of red sand and holds it over a plate. The sands flow freely from his hand and the sand is completely DRY! This process is repeated for yellow and green sands! Amazing!

Hindu Sands Performance:


Hindu Sands Secrets:

The Hindu sand trick is accomplished using a special sand known as magic sand or space sand or mystic sand or aqua sand. This sand is a special type of hydrophobic sand.


How it works:

Due to its water repellence, grains of the sand will adhere to each other in the presence of water. When sprinkling grains onto the surface of water, they will at first form a "sand raft," until the weight of the agglomerate is large enough to break the surface tension. The mass will then sink to the bottom as a single object. When immersed, the sand forms columns in order to reduce the surface area in contact with water. As soon as the sand is taken out of water, it is completely dry and flows freely.


How to Make Magic Sands:

  1. Put the sand into a baking pan and evenly spread it out. Bake it for about an hour at 250 degree.
  2. When the sand is completly dry, remove the pan and let it cool.
  3. Spray an even coat of Scotchgard on the sand and shake or stir the sand.
  4. Repeat the step number 3 several times, make sure to evenly coat all the sand.
  5. Wait until the sand is completely dry and enjoy your magic sands.



Comments (10)

Thanks for using my routine to reveal how I don't do the trick.
I have to say I was flattered that you chose my routine to explain how the sands routine works, but...not even close. Your method will work to keep a bunch of sand from getting wet, but I see you weren't able to explain how each color is selected, how the water goes from clear to black and then CLEAR again! Also, you method isn't even close to the real one, again how do I know? That's me in the video! Thanks again for showcasing my routine and good luck in the future with whatever you are doing. All the best...Loren Christopher Michaels
Loren Christopher Michaels , February 01, 2013
water colorchange
ok all of that is cool but how does the water turn black and then change back at the end of the routin?
magic sam , July 18, 2010
you know
Butt Nuts
You know there's like some kind of toy i saw on a commercial and you know what? you can buy this stuff i just didn't catch the name
Carlo Estebanlar , May 23, 2010
I wish u can answer my question...smilies/kiss.gif
jc , April 23, 2010
great!!!! now, my only concern is how u can turn back the inked water to clear water....
jc , April 23, 2010
then at the end how does he turn it back to clear water
mmike , April 19, 2010
It is easy indeed. Just put the black ink in the sealed plastic bag and put in under water. When you swishes the hand in water, break the plastic so the water will turn into black.
jooo , April 15, 2010
how do u turn the water black???
mmike , April 14, 2010
I hope I can do it smilies/wink.gif
james duon , April 14, 2010
that's cool..
james duon , April 14, 2010

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