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Tarantula by Yigal Mesika Revealed
(36 votes)

The system is so invisible, it works inches from spectator's face

Effect: You can fearlessly perform completely surrounded with the Tarantula, and the preparation only takes a second. Literally, you have the power at your fingertips, and can show your hands empty at any time. The Tarantula allows you to perform countless effects that have never been seen or done before.

The Tarantula - Original Performance:


The Tarantula - Explanation:



Comments (19)

glad i didn't
i can't believe i nearly bought tarantula so glad i didn't
yasmin , February 26, 2013
Got this product, in rag order, batteries were dust and product in sh1t condition, emailed back yigal, a bullsh1t response back. then i replied back and they just ignored that. i dont buy any more yigal procduts after my experience on this, why line the pockets of an a&#xse;hole
dc90 , November 20, 2011
tarantula trick not all its built up to be!
not happy mine broke within a day trying to get hoold of company but nothing all i want is a replacement as they aint cheap my opinion its great but breaks so easy sort it out mesika its daylight robbery!!!!
dcollings , October 24, 2011
Didn't people notice the string?
If you put the ring on other people finger, they wont notice the string??
IWANTITALL , April 13, 2011
get it
get the tarantula, it worth it, very nice trick you will fool any one. you can even do the trick even you are naked. the good thing about the tarantula is they can see where is the thing that do the job. very nice trick get it. if you want to amaze the school or family or any people in the street get it.
the explanation it is a fail lol.
inoucantstopme , December 07, 2010
that a half thumbtip for middle finger and that hard to make
fidellee , November 02, 2010
just bought the tarantula
hehe got the tarantula today!!very simple device but has lots of application!!!guess i gonna make another one by myself!!!
DEVAN , November 24, 2009
eH mmm?
Sorry and what about the ring?
It's not the same trick, I think!
...boh, I don't know!
MagoSuseppe , June 20, 2009
its tat trick easy to make?
magicianjeff , May 31, 2009
dude that can't b it. wat r u talking about? The way he did it shows it is NOT invisible string!
chris111 , May 27, 2009
What about the ring trick!? thats all I want to know the cards are lame!
chris555? , May 26, 2009
where is the gimmick
nono...is not revelaed the trick...this tutorial is a orrible tutorial because is not revelaed all trick created by jim rosenbaum...this is a part of the trick wath you have explained...smilies/sad.gif where is the gimmick? you can also do many other trick
But it is true that there is an invisible thread
I apologize if I was not clear but I am Italian and speak little English
darioadiletta , May 21, 2009
its not about the string. it has a secret.
chris333 , May 21, 2009
The Junki
Does anyone want to see the secret, dont spend your money on this product its way over priced...
JayB , May 16, 2009
maybe that is just a perspective and the trick is done a different way i mean look at the way he levitated the ring we all know it's invisible thread but perhaps it's applied differently.
Damel , May 12, 2009
RAGE! So maybe I DON'T want to pay however much for it only to realize it's not what I imagined!!!
Anonomnomnom , May 08, 2009
Copywright issues...the creater of the effect finds out that his product is being revealed and it gets taken off.
jeff!~!!!!! , May 05, 2009
to make us feel like idiots!! lol
chris222 , May 04, 2009
why are tricks like these always removed by user?
chris111 , May 03, 2009

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