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Dynamo's Coin Thru Glass Revealed
(14 votes)

UK Magician Dynamo performed an astonishing coin thru glass routine! In order to perform this trick you need to purchase a magnet ring and two coins gimmick.

Note: You might also like Cesaral Melting Point trick.

Pen Through Bill Revealed
(17 votes)

Imagine yourself borrowing a bill from your friend. She seems reluctantly hand over the bill and asks why do you need it? You suddenly shove a pen right through the bill and you pull the pen out leaving the bill unharmed.

Now you are going to learn the secret of this trick!

Amazing Coin Routine
(10 votes)

This is a visual, entertaining and awesome coin routine for you! In this video you'll learn how to multiply one coin into fours. Lots of practice is required in order to master this trick! Basic techniques that must be learned first: Classic palm, Finger palm, and Ramsey subtleties.

Infinity Bend Revealed
(12 votes)

Solid and hard hitting magic! Most visual coin bends ever seen!

The effect: You borrow a coin from the spectator and bend it in the full view at your finger tips. No cover up and wide open performance is possible.

You need a cheap gimmick like tin foil to perform this amazing coin bends.


Infinity Bend Performance:

Click read more for the tutorial...

Buddha Money Mystery Revealed
(10 votes)

This is probably one of my favorite tricks of all time! Highly recommended. Makes people speechless!!

With this trick you could change one item into another with no skill at all!

The Effect: The magician opens a set of folded papers and places a small object inside. The papers are then re-folded. Upon opening the package of papers again, everyone is astonished to find the small object has changed into a 0 bill, or even vanished!

Buddha Money Mystery Performance:

Click read more for the tutorial...

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