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How To Make Folding Quarter Trick Tutorial
(6 votes)
I'll show you how to make a folding quarter, and it'll only cost you 25 cents. Very easy!!


Counterfeit Money - Magic Tutorial
(1 vote)
In this clip, master magician Juan Fernando will teach you how to change a dollar bill into blank paper and vice versa. This is a very visual trick that will amaze your audiences!



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Sticky Coin Vanish Revealed
(1 vote)
Learn how to do a sticky coin vanish! Very easy trick! Here is the tutorial and performance for this trick:

Dishonest Abe by Gregory Wilson Revealed
(1 vote)
This is a jumbo coin routine for anyone! Amazing effect! Recommended!

The Effect: A normal penny grows to the size of a half dollar then climaxes by blowing up into a GIANT THREE INCH PENNY! All in your hands!

Dishonest Abe Performance:

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French Drop Hebrew Rise Magic Revealed
(1 vote)
The traditional "French Drop" (vanish) is commonly known ... but not the "Hebrew Rise" (manifestation). This is a free tutorial to execute a re-appearing act after a vanish involving sleight of hand.


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