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Easy Coin Trick Revealed!
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This is an easy coin trick you can do. You place a coin in the center of paper then you fold it in half. After that you rip the paper... Amazingly the coin is vanish before your eyes. Learn the secret here!

Folding coin illusion tutorial #1:


Folding coin illusion tutorial #2:


Comments (4)

stop dropping coins on your lap or the floor! finders keepers!
deanie , December 12, 2012
your mom
poop that trick is bad pee
bob c , December 03, 2012
i dont like tricks where you chuck the coin into your lap, ive had ppl ask to search me so ive been thinking of other places to toss it
mmmm , August 20, 2009
good one
af , March 11, 2009

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