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Learn Impromptu Pen Through Dollar Bill - Tutorial
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Learn how to do the impromptu pen through dollar bill. Very easy to do tricks! Watch, learn, and impress your friends!

Floating Dollar Bill Revealed - Free Tutorial
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Simply put... This is awesome!      - Joseph

A borrowed bill is folded into a small packet and placed on your open palm. Suddenly under your command it begins to move, but is doesn't just move it starts to rise from your hand! Amazingly it rises up, back down again and even floats from one hand to the other!

At all times you circle your hands around, under and over the note dispelling all thoughts of it is done. Finally you unfold the note and hand it back to the spectator in exactly the same condition it was received.

This clip will teach you how to perform the floating bill.

What you need: Dollar bill, Invisible thread, and magician wax.

Floating Dollar Bill Explanation:

Easy Coin Trick Revealed!
(5 votes)
This is an easy coin trick you can do. You place a coin in the center of paper then you fold it in half. After that you rip the paper... Amazingly the coin is vanish before your eyes. Learn the secret here!

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Clean Coin Vanish Trick Tutorial
(1 vote)
You place any coin on the palm of your open hand, giving a magical snap, it totally and utterly vanishes into thin air! Watch and learn the secret!

Criss Angel: Dime or Penny Revealed!
(2 votes)
Criss explains how he changed a dime into a penny after placing it in subjects hand!


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