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Learn Several Different Methods to Vanish a Coin - Tutorial
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Vanishing a coin easily with little to no effort and also as a bonus showing how david blaine bights a quarter in half. Learn and impress your friends!


Learn 3 Simple Coin Vanishes / Productions - Free Tutorial
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Ever get tired of your uncle pulling coins from your ear? This tutorial will show you how to do the same...but better!

3 fly III Coin Routine Performance:

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Pen Through Dollar Bill Revealed
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Learn how to do this famous trick: pen through a dollar bill. The magician show an ordinary dollar bill to the spectator. Then he punctured the pen through a dollar bill without leaving a hole or tear the bill. The secret of this trick is using a pen gimmick with magnet as shown in this video tutorial. You can buy the pen gimmick in any magic shop.


Pen Through Dollar Bill Tutorial:

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Learn The Coin Matrix Tutorial
(2 votes)
The Coin Matrix - Make coins transfer beneath cards. Simple, yet amazing... Remember always perform this trick on a smooth surface!

Blank Bill Change Tutorial!
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The effect: The magician pulls out a blank piece of paper from his wallet claiming that it's real money. When the spectators express their disbelief, the magician visually changes the blank piece of paper into a real dollar bill!

You just need: regular white sheet of paper, a dollar bill, scissors, and adhesive: scotch double side tape.

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