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Vapor Coin Vanish Revealed
(22 votes)

Borrowed a coin from the spectators and vanished it into thin air, in front of their eyes!

A very clean looking coin vanish routine that will impress anyone who sees it. You will get people shouting, how did you do that, no way man, that is not possible. The coin is real and can be borrowed from your spectators.

This tutorial video will explain how to create the gimmick in order to make a coin vanish.

Vapor Coin Vanish Performance:

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Spiked Coin Trick Revealed
(5 votes)

Do you want to baffle your spectators with the cool coin tricks? Borrow a coin from your spectators, then nailing eight spikes through the coin and pulling them out without leaving a mark.

Difficulty: no skill required.

The Secret: The first spike pushes the coin so that it sits vertically inside the box. Watch this clip for better explanation.

Spiked Coin Performance and Tutorial:

Gone by Ryan Lowe Revealed
(11 votes)

The vanishing of a coin in a truly visual and spectacular way

The effect: The magician shows the both hands are empty, then he took one coin and place it in his left hand. Just with one blow the coin has GONE! It is visually vanish in front of your spectator eyes!

Gone - Performance:

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Amazing Coin Trick Tutorial
(8 votes)
Learn how to do an awesome rare quarter trick that hasn't been shown! After mastering this trick, you'll able to make a coin vanish completely from your hands and make it reappear again out of nowhere. Best close-up visual effect!


Bullet - Coin Thru Bottle Revealed
(12 votes)

They were speechless when saw this illusion.. They shook their head in disbelieve!

The Effect: A plastic bottle is shown unmistakeably empty, then a borrowed coin is signed. The coin is slapped against the bottom of the bottle and flys into the bottle like a... BULLET.


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