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Turn One Coin Into Two Tutorial
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Ok, you have to watch really careful with this amazing coin trick. When you watched it the first time, you will not fully see what was going on. Then you must watched it again, and the illusion was superb! In fact, it happened without you even seeing it! When you spot the illusion the first time, it really kinda boggles your mind, and once you see the solution to this coin trick, you just go...

Aha, very clever! But this is one of those secret sleight of hand type of coin tricks, so you will need to practice a lot before hand before you can perfect it and practice in front of an audience. And once you've mastered it, you'll be able to fool people with this coin trick like there is no tomorrow!

Basic skills needed: False transfer, Palming a coin.

Coin Routine #1:

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Bad Habits by Daniel Garcia Revealed
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Bad Habit is a visual routine with a coin and a cigarette box. Here a coin repeatedly penetrates through the cellophane wrapper of a cigarette box.

Bad Habit Performance and Tutorial:


Andrew Mayne - Infusion Revealed
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The Effect: Borrow a bill from a spectator, give it a tear, stab your finger through the center of the bill, violently rip it out and restore it right before their eyes. Use any bill without any advance set-up - No switches or gimmicks.

Infusion Original Performance:

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Easy Coin Vanishing Trick Tutorial
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Bored with the old coin tricks, here is the new one. The trick is simple yet powerfull enough to amaze your friends! Enjoy the trick guy.

Extraordinary Coin Vanish Revealed
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We all know coin tricks can be a bit tricky, but with the right magic tips you can turn yourself into a magician, or just a coin trickster. Coin tricks can involve many things, but mainly just illusion. If you want to learn how to improve your coin skills, grab your coins and follow along and watch some magic revealed.

This video will show you how to perform an extraordinary coin effect magic trick. This extraordinary coin effect is a very clever trick that you can't pass up for your repertoire.


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