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Coin Production From Bank Note Tutorial
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The Effect: The magician show two-side regular bank note to audiences. Audience see a normal bank. When magician folds the bank, magically a coin drops to his hands. This is an easy trick for beginner! Learn it!

Learn The Real Coin Matrix - Tutorial
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This is the very visual version of coin matrix. We don't recommend you to show your hands empty during or after the trick, because spectator may thought you've pushed the coins. In fact, you actually do. So you need to use your showmanship to make them think the trick is much more complicate. And you may see the coin "jump" through hands, because camera don't blink. But we do.

Coin Matrix Tutorial#1:

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Bobo - Learn Half Dollar to Quarter Magic Trick
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This is the tutorial taken from page 73 of J.B. Bobo's classic book, "New Modern Coin Magic", here's Milton Kort's Half Dollar to Quarter. Enjoy!

Performance and Explanation:

Bobo - Coin Through The Hand Tutorial
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This is coin magic tutorial taken from J.B. Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic and can be found on pages 66 and 67. Enjoy the trick guys!

Bobo - Coin Through Hand Tutorial:

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Very Easy Coin Vanish Tutorial
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This is a clever way to make a coin disappear in front of your audience. This trick is perfect for a party! Really simple but the effect is great. You may use any type of material or color that you want.

Watch the video below for the performance and tutorial!

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