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Miracle Coin Change Tutorial
(2 votes)
The magician toss the quarter to his other hand, and magically it is changed to chinese coin. Watch and learn the secret free!


French Drop Tutorial by Criss Angel
(1 vote)
In this clip Criss Angel explains how he blew a quarter out of a straw. Coin vanish using a classic method called French Drop.

Simple Coin Magic Trick Revealed!
(2 votes)

Eric Paul, a master magician, teaches you a classic coin trick with a surprise ending! Enjoy!

Tutorial #1:


Optical Coin Vanish Tutorial
(1 vote)
Learn how to make a coin vanish into thin air! Jay Sankey magician and comic teaches the secret behind an amazing coin trick. Produced by Sankey Magic. David Blaine is losing sleep!


Sleight of Elbow Tutorial
(2 votes)
Learn magic with a coin. Jay Sankey from Sankey Magic teaches a great street magic trick with a coin.

The Tutorial:


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