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Frozen AKA Frost Bite by Adam Grace Revealed
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The Effect: The quarter frosts over white and freezes visually. When picked up by a spectator the coin is bitter cold and still white from frost.

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The Performance:


The Explanation #1:


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mr bom dollypoper
this vid doesnt work...... but anyways does this make the coin freeze over? or what cause i dont wanna buy dust off and not do nothing?
what does the dust off do to the coin, thats my question.....
magicrat11 , February 18, 2009
not the answer
I own this trick and it is not done that way!!!
Kordya , February 18, 2009
dust off
how can i get dust off
mayank , February 01, 2009
get it at ortchards supply tahts where i got mine
yoyoma , January 31, 2009
u can get dust-off from "computer shop" or "hardware store"
malaysia , January 30, 2009
zzz....this does not explain everything or anything. if u use dust-off, how do u make the coin bitter cold like in "frozen"? anyway how u going to apply the dust-off in front of a whole crowd? zzz...explain...if u cannot explain, then this tutorial is not the actual one.
zzz , January 29, 2009
bro wats dust off.... wat is it used for i am from indonesia i dont get them here.. so wat are those sprays for man.. plz tell... that was an amazing trick mate....

kttt210895 , January 28, 2009
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