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Vapor Coin Vanish Revealed
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Borrowed a coin from the spectators and vanished it into thin air, in front of their eyes!

A very clean looking coin vanish routine that will impress anyone who sees it. You will get people shouting, how did you do that, no way man, that is not possible. The coin is real and can be borrowed from your spectators.

This tutorial video will explain how to create the gimmick in order to make a coin vanish.

Vapor Coin Vanish Performance:


Vapor Coin Vanish Tutorial:


Comments (4)

FINALLY I FOUND OUT THE TRICK FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/smiley.gifsmilies/smiley.gifsmilies/smiley.gifsmilies/smiley.gifsmilies/smiley.gifsmilies/smiley.gifsmilies/smiley.gifsmilies/smiley.gifsmilies/smiley.gifsmilies/smiley.gif
calvin , November 15, 2012
Can you put an other tube pour explanation please??
Angelo.m , June 29, 2012
aw dammit, the reveal video has been pulled down smilies/sad.gif
#sadface , May 23, 2012
Very Clever!
This is a very clever vanish! I love how the coin doesn't "go" anywhere!
Angie Carroll , August 07, 2010

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