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Prime Color Change Tutorial
(13 votes)

Visual, Fast, and Smooth!

Prime is a visual and easy color change to perform. Your eyes won't believe your hands, and you will fool yourself watching it in the mirror. This method is designed for close up performance that you will love to learn and actually use on daily basis. Moreover, this technique can be adapted to several routines and countless applications. Note: This color change is angle sensitive!

Prime Color Change Tutorial:

Blank Revealed
(11 votes)

Four cards blank at both sides become printed in slow motion!

Blank is a most powerful card routine using blank cards only.  All the routine is designed as practical yet powerful and every effect has been tried and tested in the real world. This is a great trick for everyone. Learn, perform it, and we guarantee you will get a huge reaction from your audiences!

Blank original performance:

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Blindsided Revealed
(7 votes)

Insanely visual full deck color change! This is not a camera trick!

This card color changes is one of the most shocking full deck color changes ever invented. The visual effect of changing the color of the cards is amazing and it leaves people wandering. This effect is AWESOME!

Blindsided Performance:

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Venus Trap by Chriss Brown Revealed
(9 votes)

Equipped with this powerfull weapon, The Venus Trap, you will be able to show a single card and invisibly switch it for another. This is just one of the many application you'll acquire with the Venus Trap. The possibilities is endless...

Venus Trap Performance:

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Cartier Change By David Jade Revealed
(8 votes)

This is the most visual color change, like a camera trick!

The magician show the card which is never fully covered and visually the card morphs into a spectator selection, just looks like a camera trick. No gimmicks required, no suspicious actions, and the ending is very clean. Cartier is the most visual color change that you will enjoy!

Cartier Performance:

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