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Cartier Change By David Jade Revealed
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This is the most visual color change, like a camera trick!

The magician show the card which is never fully covered and visually the card morphs into a spectator selection, just looks like a camera trick. No gimmicks required, no suspicious actions, and the ending is very clean. Cartier is the most visual color change that you will enjoy!

Cartier Performance:


Cartier Explanation:


Default Cartier (David Jade) :: Review

YO YO! What's up everyone? Hope you are all keeping well. I know I am considering I just learned Cartier from here. (Ok, excuse the corny beginning...)

Anyway, let's get right into it.

What they say:

"Imagine a color change in which the card is never fully covered and seems to visually morph into a spectators selection, like a camera trick. Done completely at the fingertips with no suspicious actions, and right in front of their nose, literally. Cartier is the most visual color change we've ever come across."


Truth in the statement? Definitely. You can do this as close to the spectator(s) as you want, without them seeing anything BUT the card morphing right in front of them.

There are (as stated) no really suspicious actions if done well, except maybe the clean-up, but if you perform it in an off beat, you'll be fine. Also, they won't be watching you clean up, they'll be checking out their selection!


Quality of the video? Perfect. If you have ever purchased anything else from their ON DEMAND series, you'll know what I mean. Everything is crystal clear, you should have to problem seeing or understanding anything.


Teaching? A+ (ok lame joke), but honestly, they go over everything that you need to know. They also teach the TCP and walk you through it by using Juan Tamariz's book "SONATA." They say they will "briefly" go over it, however, they teach it in quite some detail. You should be fine if you are an intermediate card worker.


On a scale of 1 to 10, I would probably give it a four or five. It isn't hard to get the basic move down, but to get your fingers positioned so that your audience can see the card changing and get the fullest impact will take a little bit of practice. The cleanup will take a little bit of work too, but that is probably the easiest thing considering you have plenty of misdirection.


Angles? This is probably the reason most people will shy away from the change. It is perfect for audiences who are directly in front of you, but as long as they are not standing on your DIRECT right or left (although you can still get around this problem with extra coverage) you will be fine! Really, this isn't something to worry about when you realize the impact of this color change.


Final thoughts?
For walk around performances, or performances for small groups this is great. It is also a really fun thing to practice! Also, they teach you the TCP which is (to me) a gift because it seems like it could be a whole other On Demand video I have already messed around with not only the change, but also the TCP and come up with some interesting things. If you have 6 bucks to spend, pick it up! You won't regret it!

That's all from me.

Questions will be answered.


Live around the Philly, PA area? PM me!

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you rock dude. your awesome! !!!!
Jhe Sayo , October 30, 2010
you rock dude. your awesome! !!!!
Jhe Sayo , October 30, 2010
Cool post, I found your website while I was doing a research on the internet.
cartier jewelry , September 28, 2010
awesom, luv ur tutorial
dfkv , June 01, 2010
Another kid who wants attention on the internet
FAIL!!! Knowing hows its done and knowing how to do it are two completely different things. Your half-assed tutorial completely butchered this amazing change because you teach it SO WRONG!!! Unless you've actually learned from the creator, mastered it, then received permission to reveal it - then S T O P !
Better than You , May 24, 2010

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