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The EffectYou hand to audience for examination, three silk handkerchiefs; one red, one white, and one blue. Next you show the two crystal cylinders, such as is used on gas jets. Have someone in audience to tie .....
Here is an oldie, the method of which can be used to vanish not only a coin but any other small article as well.Spread a handkerchief over the palm up left hand so one corner will lie on the forearm. Show a half dollar in the right hand, then place it between the thumb and first and s .....
Tuesday, 23 December 2008 Jumping Ring Tricks Revealed
How this exciting powerful free magic trick looks to the audience:The magician holds a rope between his hands. There are three knots tied on it, and on the center knot is tied to a wire hanger. The magician s .....
Friday, 31 October 2008 David Blaine - Psycho Kinetic Time
The Effect:A watch is borrowed, the magician does not carry anything! After showing the watch to those nearby who notice the current time, you place the watch face down in the spectator’s hand. His hand is closed over the watch. The magician doesn't not tou .....
The Effect:You walk out on stage and place a large card on a chair or`easel facing the audience. The card has three shapes drawn on it; a square, a triangle and a circle.You choose an audience member and ask him to stand. You explain that when people are asked t .....