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  • I'm sweden magician, specialist in card and illusion.
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  • Daryl, Thurston

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Presco Uzbekis
Presco Uzbekis
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Sunday, 25 October 2009 Criss Angel Teaches Magic
Enjoy a few tricks performed and revealed by Criss Angel itself. Tricks that he taught: card thought, aces anytime, lipstick, four aces, into the mind, levitating roll, double card prediction, linked, bill tear and restored, penny or dime, mugs up, houdini favorite trick, floating cup, floating c .....
Sunday, 25 October 2009 Hindu Gypsy Thread Revealed
Effect: Performer takes a spool of thread, unravels about a foot of it, & then breaks it off, putting the spool down. Performer proceeds to break the thread into 6 or 7 clearly broken & different pieces, then holding one piece in one hand, the other pieces are ro .....
Sunday, 25 October 2009 The Indian Needle Trick
My own original way. The same old effect but you can defy all the physicians and surgeons in the world to find anything in your mouth before and after. No secret loading and I have worked the stunt for two months now and got some good write-ups on it.You have a little work basket sitt .....
Effect:This trick was performed very well by David Blaine . The magician is seen to roll some thread into a ball in his fingers . The thread is then placed in his mouth and he appears to swallow it. The magician appears to be in pain , when he bares his stomach and visibly .....
One of the most startling effects in magic has always been the levitation. Whether you levitate an assistant, a horse or a car, getting something to float has always pleased the crowd. We will explain the illusion in terms of floating a woman, but the pr .....