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criss_angel_mindfreak_001.jpg Criss Angel Mindfreak is a show distributed by A&E Network. It debuted in 2005, and centers on unusual stunts and street magic acts by illusionist Criss Angel. In response to how he does his stunts, he has only declared not to have any paranormal powers, saying: "I do not believe that anybody has the ability to do anything that's supernatural." Mindfreak has made it to season three, and is now shooting season 4.
Taken from the opening of the half hour television show, the definition of the title, a Mindfreak is a modern day mystifier who utilizes skills beyond the category of magic. This can be expanded by saying that a Mindfreak is in fact a person (magicians, illusionists, etc) who engages in acts which seem to defy human or scientific logic or as an individual who pushes the boundaries of their own mind and body.


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Criss Angel - Mindfreak - Building Float


Criss Angel - Mindfreak - Walk On Water


Criss Angel - Mindfreak - Beach Trick


List of Episodes:


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Criss Angel Season 1 Premiered on A&E wednesday July, 20th 2005
18 Episodes

  • Burned Alive : Criss faces peoples biggest fears and is burned alive for 46 seconds for his mom's 70th birthday.
  • Levitation : Criss takes a random spectator and levitates them 360 degree's downtown Fremont Street in Las Vegas.
  • Wine Barrel Escape : Criss will devise a plan to top Houdini's milk can escape, being handcuffed and hung 8 stories above the ground before the wine barrel falls after the 2 minute mark.
  • SUV Nail Bed : Criss will lie on a bed of nails as a 4 and a half ton SUV Hummer drives over his body.
  • Body Suspension : Criss is suspended from a helicopter while hanging from 4 fish hooks as he is flown over the Valley of Fire.
  • Buried Alive: Criss does what no one would even consider doing, being buried alive. With little oxygen, Criss must escape and slither out of solid ground.
  • Hellstromism : Criss Angel is challenged by a Las Vegas' Desert Dodge Dealership to find a hidden key for a Dodge Viper using hellstromism.
  • Superhuman: With great strength, Criss sets out to lift a random taxi 2 feet off the ground in the Aladdin Hotel taxi line.
  • Building Walk : In this episode, Criss will lean over the side of the 55th floor of the Aladdin Hotel and will walk down the side without any safety.
  • Blind : Criss will drive Mandy Moore to one of her favorite restaurants while blind.
  • Oasis : For a full 33 hours, Criss will be in a chamber that is submerged in 2, 000 gallons of water and will have to figure out how he will escape surrounded by thousands of spectators and news crews, in New York City's Bryant Park.
  • C4 Crate : Criss will be locked in an explosives filled crate and will experience the power of C4.
  • Prediction : In this episode, Criss will attempt to predict a major news event as well as the lottery.
  • Chicken : Criss has the Amazing Jonathan take a car and run him over through a brick wall. He will also perform a knife test in a sushi bar.
  • Tesla Strike : Criss will journey out to Baraboo Wisconsin, and test out one of the largest tesla coils in the country.
  • Uncut: In this uncut episode, Criss will go back to some of the craziest and most insane moments of the series. Also, with never before seen footage and outtakes of Criss's most talked about illusion: The trash can.
  • Up Close: Get up close and get an inside look at the characters of the show including Criss's surreal family. Also, Criss shows more never before seen footage.
  • Halloween Special : Criss is shackled, handcuffed and nailed into a wood casket. He must get out before being pulled through a woodchipper.


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Criss Angel Season 2 Premiered on A&E Wednesday May, 31st 2006criss_angel_mindfreak_003.jpg
21 Episodes

  • Building Float : Criss Angel takes Mindfreak's season 1 levitation to a whole new level. He will float from one building to another in front of a random crowd in broad daylight.
  • Walk on Water : Criss will attempt to walk across an entire pool in one continuous shot while skeptics swim below and around him.
  • Vanish : In this episode, Criss will vanish a spectator 360 degrees by thousands of witnesses in the middle of Las Vegas' Fremont Street.
  • Easy Rider : Criss is chained and sealed inside a wooden box filled with explosives. He must escape before a stunt car rams into him in front of a large crowd.
  • Party : Criss and crew put incredible insane illusions into Sin City's nightlife scene. He will then put his hand right through a passerby.
  • Animal Magic : Criss will make a 4 and a half ton Asian elephant vanish in the middle of the street surrounded by spectators.
  • In Two : Criss Angel will demonstrate his version of being cut in half without covers, boxes or trick clothing.
  • Bike Jump Vanish : In this episode of Mindfreak, Criss will hit a 60 foot long ramp bike jump into the air with the most amazing illusion twist.
  • Celebrity Minds : Criss will use hypnosis techniques to drop crowds and puts restaurant patrons and staff under his control.
  • Sucker : Criss demonstrates psychic surgery and warns us of scammers that like to prey on the innocent. He will blow the lid off of anyone who uses magic to take advantage of others.
  • Celebrity Seance : In the Armagosa Hotel in Death Valley known for ghostly spirits, Criss invites guests in and tries to connect with forces beyond our comprehension.
  • Metamorphosis : In front of thousands of spectators, Criss demonstrates one of the fastest metamorphoses ever attempted.
  • Motorcycle Roulette : In Long Island, New York Criss shares his passions for motorcycles and makes one vanish and reappear.
  • Back to School : In this episode, when Criss goes back to school, he freaks out the students and teachers and shows how to mindfreak your friends.
  • Prophecy : Criss predicts the outcome of a motor speedway race and does close up magic in his favourite hometown diner.
  • Chad's Story : Criss helps a young magician, Chad Juro's achieve his dream of performing as a Las Vegas headliner.
  • Military Salute: This episode features mentalism, sleight of hand and other grand illusions. Criss visits the Vandenburg Airbase and makes a hummer appear from nowhere.
  • Straightjacket Keelhaul: Attempting to survive, Criss is towed through the ocean and has to escape a straight jacket before being drowned alive.
  • Shark Cage Escape : Pushed overboard and sunk to the bottom of the sea, Criss must escape a shark cage with but one breath.
  • Magician of the Year: Included with some ultimate feat of mentalism, a pre-recorded DVD will leave the magic community floored. Criss will also show a sneak peak of his new music video MF2.
  • My Secret Cabaret : Shot in the Palace Showroom of the Magic Castle, Criss will stop his pulse in five places while being monitored by a team of medical experts.


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Criss Angel Season 3 Premiered on A&E Tuesday June, 5th 2007criss_angel_mindfreak_004.jpg
26 Episodes

  • Luxor Light : In the Mindfreak season 3 opener, Criss will attempt to float more than 500 feet above the Luxor, one of the only two man-made objects seen from space.
  • Steamroller : Criss will lie on a bed of broken glass as a steamroller rolls over his body.
  • Prisoner Transport Escape : After being locked in a mailbag, Criss will attempt to escape a caged truck filled with explosives before it runs off the edge of a cliff. (This episode ended with complications.)
  • Screwed : With a row of 12 18 inch screw drivers, Criss will proceed to walk on everyone of them, barefoot.
  • Motorhead : In this episode, Criss highlights cars, trucks and bikes in his illusions and will make a Lamborghini diappear while driving it at high rate of speed.
  • Animal 2 : The elephant that Criss made vanish in season 2, will amaze us with his animal illusions and make it reappear.
  • Underwater Car Escape : Tied and locked into the trunk of a car, Criss is lowered into a lake and must escape before he runs out of air or drowns.
  • Quad Drag Escape: Distracted by the news of his mothers heart surgery, Criss must escape while being bound and dragged by an ATV in the Excaliber arena.
  • Raging Bull : Criss will attempt to vanish before a raging Mexican bull charges him.
  • Car Crash Escape : A car parked with explosives and Criss chained to the side will leave him less of a chance to escape free before a speeding car plows into him.
  • Sucker 2: In season 2, Criss introduced us to scammers and charlatons. This time, he will show more and reveal the ultimate secret, the words that unlock the key to attaining anything you desire.
  • Drowned : In this episode, Criss runs into some serious trouble attempting one of houdini's famous water escapes.
  • Naked Jail Escape: Criss has but just 2 hours to escape from a jail cell before a mob of fans busts him in his birthday suit.
  • Burning Man : Criss is lead by Illusionist Jeff McBride on a right of passage and a dangerous feat involving fire.
  • Rollercoaster Thru Criss : Tied to the tracks of a speeding rollercoaster, Criss must escape before the coaster hits him, or passes thru him.
  • The Loyal : Criss pays tribute to the loyal and shocks some of his admirers. He makes a car appear from thin air giving it to one of his fans.
  • The Kid In Criss : Criss decides to be a kid again and goes back to being young. He dresses up as Santa Clause, and makes a truck full of toys appear from nowhere.
  • Mentalism: In this episode, Criss will attempt to teleport a group of people from one elevator to another in one continuous shot.
  • Cement Block : Cement is poured into a plexiglass container that holds Criss 5 stories high and gives him 24 hours to escape before it crashes to the ground.
  • Seance: In this creepy episode, Criss will attempt to bridge the world between the living and the dead and proves he can walk on the ceiling. He asks a spectator to think of a name that appears on his skin written in blood, Criss also gets possessed in this episode. After that, everybody had to go to a mental hospital.
  • Mayhem in the Making: This episode will chronicle a day in the life of Criss Angel as he attempts to shoot an episode of Mindfreak. Criss will make a room transform into the hottest party in Vegas.
  • Thunderbirds: Criss will make six fighter jets appear from thin air on a runway. Criss will also gets his new Mindfreak III chopper.
  • H2O Teleportation : Criss will vanish from a yacht to instantly reappear on the beach infront of beachgoers.
  • Mexico Barrel Escape: Criss is suspended hundreds of feet above the ocean in a barrel before being dropped. The barrel crashes to the sea leaving only one question, will Criss survive?
  • Most Memorable Mindfreak Moments: Criss along with tons of celebrity guest stars will go back to some of the most memorable mindfreak moments when Criss performed more of his most insane illusions.
  • Fantasy : In an episode of Mindfreak, Criss will hypnotize a mass crowd of people to remove their clothes in public.



Watch Free Videos: Mindfreak - Season4

Criss Angel Season 4 Premiered on A&E Wednesday July 23rd 2008

15 Episodes + 3 One Hour Specials

  • Walk On Lake : Mindfreak season 4 began with a one hour fourth season premiere where Criss walked out more than 200 feet on the largest man-made lake, Lake Mead, in front of bystanders and boaters.
  • Building Implosion Escape : With a one hour live special Mindfreak episode, a 9-story condominium was loaded with explosives leaving Criss to escape before it implodes to the ground.
  • Skeptic : In this unusual episode of Mindfreak, Criss invites skeptical people to be part of one of his deadly challenges, figure out which elevators actually have an elevator in them, one has an empty shaft.
  • Nail Gun : In this episode, Criss attempts to catch a nail traveling at 1400 feet per second, and used a jigsaw to cut through a fan's arm.
  • Barrel Drop : Placed in a 85-gallon drum, a handcuffed Criss will be secured and hoisted 100 feet above spectators. Given the chance to escape before it is set to automatically release, the barrel will crash to the ground whether Criss has escaped it or not.
  • Cremation : In a horrifying episode of Mindfreak, spectators will watch before their eyes as Criss is laid on a wooden slab to be cremated alive.
  • Spirits of New Orleans : Criss visits New Orleans and trances bystanders utilizing the mysticism and culture of the city. He will also make a ring disappear and reappear in a salt shaker.
  • Escape Over Bourbon Street : With thousands of spectators surrounding Bourbon Street, Criss is completely secured in two straight jackets, shackled and hung upside down above the crowd before attempting to escape.
  • Impenetrable : Criss will make an impossible become a reality once again when he attempts to merge through metal and pass from one oil drum to another.
  • Close Up : Criss demonstrates the art of close up magic. Experts discuss the history, the techniques, and the fun that goes with the magical genre.
  • Premonition : Using his ability to connect with people, Criss attempts to transfer energy through the TV screen to millions of people at home. Later he invites a large crowd to witness as he moves things with his mind at the Luxor lobby.
  • In Your Face : Criss receives a surprise visit from Playboy's The Girls Next Door. He invites them along and stuns them as he performs various unexplainable up close and in your face.
  • Mindfreaking With the Stars : Criss runs into his good friend Gene Simmons. With a friendly million dollar bet, Criss challenges Gene to witness a feat of mentalism. If he fails the challenge, he will lose more than just the bet.
  • Tronik : Criss still loves toys, in spirit of this, he transforms a toy hummer into a real hummer, and recreates the highlight of his broadway show.
  • Billionaire Prediction : With his powerful mind, Criss will describe unknown personal details and predict events before they take place. He will also read a list of items and attempt to predict what viewers at home would pick.
  • 24-Hour Birthday Bash : Criss is known for surprising over 1,000 people over four seasons of Mindfreak, this time his crew and celebrity friends will turn the tables on him and throw the biggest surprise. All behind closed doors for more than 24 hours.
  • Car Wreck Vanish : On a special episode of Mindfreak, Criss and Sully go out on a road trip for the greatest time of their lives. In a car filled with explosives, a handcuffed Criss must escape or pull off the greatest illusion before he's pronounced road kill.


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