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About Me
Guy Pardillos has mastered the field of performing close-up magic and ‘mentalism’ and has created a style all of his own. His unique conversational performance style is mixed with effects that simply leaves his audience speechless.

Guy has received many awards for his work, including twice winning the prestigious French ‘First Award for Close –up Magic’ from the International Magic Convention.

His show can be customised to your needs, lasting anywhere from thirty minutes to one-and-a half hours. Guests are invited to sit back, relax and enjoy as Guy walks around performing his outstanding tricks with numerous objects, including cards, money, cigarettes, cutlery and virtually anything he can get his hands on! Guests are often convinced he has supernatural abilities at the end of his close-up magic shows.
This close-up magic show is very flexible and a perfect solution for corporate events, restaurants, nightclubs and exhibitions.

Guy’s ‘Mentalism’ show is perfect for larger events like hotels, theatres and also corporate events. He mixes a wonderful selection of original ‘sleight of mind’ with original mind reading, all delivered with great humour, panache and style. This show may be booked from twenty to forty-five minutes and is bound to leave guest's bewildered.
(+385) 091 254 0945
Magic Specialty
  • Close Up
  • Street
  • Mentalism
  • Baloon Twister
Video Performance
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