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Cyril Takayama - Magic Revolution 2009
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Japanese magician Cyril Takayama performs many magic trick and illusion on the streets of Japan. Some people think he is better than Criss Angel. How do u think?

Magical Revolution 2009 (Part 1/11) - Vanishing Car:

Cyril Takayama vanishing an Audi A8 infront of audience and leaving them speechless and finally himself disappear.


Magical Revolution 2009 (Part 2/11) - Nail in Bag:

Cyril Takayama performing a dangerous act with a long nail.


Magical Revolution 2009 (Part 3/11) - Coin and Clay Magic:

Cyril Takayama makes a coin levitate. Then he shape a pot without touching it and fixing back a broken pot with his bare hands.