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David Blaine - Above the Below
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david_blaine_above_the_below_001.jpgOn September 5, 2003, Blaine spent 44 days sealed inside a transparent glass box suspended 30 feet above the ground in London’s Potter Fields Park on the bank of the River Thames. The glass box was approximately 7 feet x 7 feet x 3 feet. During the 44 days, Blaine claims to have fasted and lost 54 pounds of body weight.










David Blaine : Above the Below


David Blaine: London Day 7 Above the Below



Up to 4,000 people turned out to see magician David Blaine at age 30 carrying only diapers, a journal, some pens, lip balm, a pillow and a pad to lie on trapped...


In a clear plastic 7ft x 7ft x 3ft box hanging by a crane 450 feet (135 meters) above...