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David Blaine - Buried Alive
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david_blaine_buried_alive_002.jpgDavid will perform Monday April 5th, 1999. It will be at Trump Park, 68th Street at West End Avenue (Riverside Place) at 10:00 A.M.

David will attempt to be buried alive for one week under six feet of Plexiglas tank filled with 4000 pounds of water, an attempt no other magician has tried. (the 7 day thing)

David did keep his word when he said "in your face pure and undeniable" by allowing the curious to look down in the coffin through the Plexiglas tank to see David in a trance like state only with a torch. David will be fed four tablespoons of water a day, hopefully enough for him to survive.

Houdini has always fascinated David. Blaine notes that he is performing a trick Houdini never accomplished but always wanted to do. Lance Burton also compared himself to Houdini when he was buried alive.

Lets all hope Blaine gets the respect he deserves. Unlike Houdini or Burton, Blaine will be there seven days and seven nights. Is it a trick, or reality?



Day 2

After day one day of the reporters and newspapers David Blaine turned to his side. Masked Magician Valentino supports Blaine. Keep watching Entertainment Tonight and Inside Edition for the latest news.

They say they can get him out in two minutes if something goes wrong. The air tube is critical.

Day 3

david_blaine_buried_alive_001.jpg Regis came down to view David in the casket. He offered him a hotdog and told him to come out of there. He made David laugh talking through a microphone telling him how crazy he looks.

David was under a blanket at some of the moments he was in there. I think that maybe he has some food hidden down there and the blanket is to hide him. I believe he is down there, but I don't believe everything down there is the way it seems. After all he does keep licking his tongue. A magician stopped by to examine him and states "David is down there." because of the way he moved.

On the preview for tomorrow, Inside Edition showed an infrared camera down there. It showed David's body in radar. But that is for tomorrow. Inside Edition seems to be "obsessed" with the story.

Why would David go down there? I don't think it is completely stupid if all is true. David stayed in several different stages. He even had his shirt off. David did this for money and more money. Everyone I know has heard something about some magician being buried alive. Event the local TV stations said something. But there is plenty more to come.

I have some images coming that will be taken by Isabela personally. Come back for updates.

It seems every day the line to see Mr. Blaine gets bigger. It was around the block! Instead of a crowd gathering together to see him, they had no choice but to change the system so that only seven or eight people can go at once!

Unlike the first two days he was awake a lot. Amazing. David is the talk of New York everywhere you go you hear something about him.

"There is a rumor going around that there is a gimmick to the thing. I pledge my word of honor there isn't a thing to it, excepting to lie down and keep quiet."
- Harry Houdini