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David Blaine - Buried Alive
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Day 4

With the sun in his eyes waking up, David Blaine is beginning to look a little weary. He seems to be hung up on licking his lips and looking at his fingers rubbing the edge of the box. Hopefully not a sign of delusions. I meant to mention yesterday, as his shirt was off, you could see the tattoo David got when he was in love with Fiona Apple. He wasn't wearing his pajamas today anymore so they are probably under the blanket. Two girls set up a camp and had been at the sight for four hours. They probably couldn't stay there long because of the long line to see him. I didn't get any new screen shots from inside edition because I didn't have time and there wasn't anything worth seeing anyway, but I will get some from today and tomorrow, tomorrow.

Oh, Regis talked about David on Regis and Kathy Lee this morning. If you have the newest "People Magazine" there is a small article about David's new special David Blaine: Magic Man. I will probably post it in my "In Print" section tomorrow.

My new front page is up due to the fact that the front page was an illegal image so if you copied it from this website, delete it.

There will be some new images coming up Friday or Saturday taken by Isabella Covino. I think I will also have some magazine articles scanned up and ready... maybe take a little longer to get up.

Day 5

If you have been watching David Blaine from the beginning you would notice it seems he is losing some weight. If you happened to go up there get the crowd to applause. It builds up his esteem. Today it is rainy and moist so there wasn't as many people there as usual. They had to put up a big tarp for the rain. I don't think it affected David physically because his coffin is temperature controlled. He has some kind of black pouch. Maybe water pouch. Who can tell? There are a lot of more people who love this. David is not one of them… at least till he gets out of there and eats a real meal.

Day 6

Sorry for the last minute updates. I haven't been here this weekend. I haven't seen anything on TV about him. I will soon have some pictures up send by Isabella. Come back for them. Barbara Walter and Cathy Rigby stopped by. Rosie O'Donnell says David Blaine will be on her show Tuesday April 13 at 3pm central time. She sent her limo driver and a crew out to do a story on David's burial stunt today. He is also supposed to be on Conan that night. The crowds are the biggest yet in the last couple of days. They say David won't be able to walk because of his muscles softened. They should go back to normal in training.

My brother was telling me that David Blaine is not really under there because he has a perfect goatee. I later found out he was watching Inside Edition. I don't know if he shaves in there, but that is something to think about. I have had so many people email me, so hold up till I can get back to you.

Day 7 - The Removal

David gets out finally. There was no big deal like I suspected. I bet there would be if David had so called hit the panic button. But David did look weak. He said a few words and went to the ambulance. He was happy and I bet he was eating like a fatty if all was as he said. Houdini's niece came by and said a few words. David Blaine was happy and she said she is David's biggest fan. Some of the few words he said when asked if it was nice to breath fresh air was "it's amazing".

"What I saw was every race of people, every age group, and every religion all gathered together smiling; and that made all of this worth it." - David Blaine

It seems David is happy to get out. "The first thing I did is take a three hour bubble bath." It seems David is preparing for a new publicity stunt. "Yeah I had plenty of time to think about that."






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