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David Blaine - What Is Magic?
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Straight after Derren Brown reveals how he predicted the lottery numbers, David Blaine performs a similar stunt several times over. He is touring around the US, amazing the folks he meets with some close-up magic in the UK premiere of his show What Is Magic?

He visits New Orleans where he carries out a money trick in front of locals, producing hundreds of dollars at their fingertips before stopping off at New York to conduct magic in front of Orlando Bloom.

His grand finale tonight is the infamous Bullet Catch trick. A .22 calibre bullet is fired from a rifle into a metal cup held in his mouth. Have your finger on the pause buttons to make up your own mind about the heading this should come under: “illusion”, “feat of endurance” or “just nuts” – all of which are Blaine specialities, of course.

“Around 20 magicians have died attempting this trick,” they tell us – forgetting that magical tool called the internet lets sceptical viewers check these facts.

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