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David Blaine - Knife and Card
David Blaine performing a very good magic effect at Ray's Pizza, with a knife and some cards, but it came with a price...

David Blaine - Turns Back Time
Street magician David Blaine shows his supranatural power when he turned back time. One of classic mentalism effect.

David Blaine - Healed and Sealed Soda
The performer shows the audience an empty, crushed can of soda. Magically, the can starts to unfold and all the dents pops out until the sides are perfectly straight again (see the photos above). Then, with just a touch, the opening seals up. The can is now in perfect condition, as if it has been moved backwards in time. It is not only healed and sealed, but the can has also become magically refilled, which is shown as the performer opens the can and pour himself a drink.

David Blaine - Ambitious Card Tricks
David Blaine performs his ambitious card tricks. Spectator sign a card then he placed it in the middle of deck. Again and again the card rise to the top.

David Blaine - Mind Reading
David Blaine perform a mind reading tricks. Cool tricks.

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