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Easy Card Magic Trick You Can Do
(2 votes)
Eric Paul share a secret of card magic to amaze your friends. Very easy to do! Learn and amaze your friends!

Touch The Card Tutorial by Jay Sankey
(1 vote)
Jay will teach you how to tell a card just with touching it with your fingertips. Great impromptu effect to impress your friends!

Acrobatic Aces Explanation by Jay Sankey
(1 vote)
This is the tutorial for classic self-working card trick! Great trick that will fool your friends!

Learn Card Magic - Fast Hands Tutorial
(2 votes)
Learn street magic with host Jay Sankey from Sankey Magic. Learn this very easy, very magical card trick. The spectator choose one card from the deck then he puts the card to the middle of the deck. Without doing any unnecessary move the magician puts the deck behind his body and he reveals the spectator chosen card.

Criss Angel - 4 Aces Card Trick Tutorial
(12 votes)
Criss Angel explains how when he and a spectator shuffled a deck then dealt out cards in 4 piles - all of the top cards were aces.


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