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Best Card Trick Revealed!
The youtube entitled video: "Best card trick in the world" finally revealed. Very cool and easy card trick to do! Completely impromptu!

Impromptu 4 Aces Card Trick Tutorial
(1 vote)
In this clip Michigan Magician Dave J. Castle will teach you how to do a self working card trick using 4 aces! Very easy trick, recommended for begginer magician!

Learn Simple Card Revelation
(1 vote)
This video will teach you how to find a freely spectator chosen card based on key card principle. Visual amazing trick that is very easy to learn & perform, suitable for all magicians!


Move The Card Without String Tutorial
(7 votes)
Learn how to move the card using your mind, without touching it and no strings attached to it. As a bonus, you'll learn how to force the card to your spectator!

Learn See Saw Card Trick Tutorial
(1 vote)
The trick See Saw first invented by Dan Harlan. The effect is like this: you simply place one of the four queens in the "box" that you make out of the remaining three. Make a sawing motion with your finger and this amazing illusion comes to life! To perform this amazing trick you'll need some "easy to make gimmick"! This clip will teach you how to do this illusion!


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