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21 Card Trick Revealed
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The Effect: The magician lays out 21 cards face up and the spectator is asked to just think of one. He than asks her to tell him which pile her card is in. The magician mixes up the cards and lays them face out again. Again the spectator is asked to name which pile her card is in. This is repeated one more time, and the magician is able to tell her which card she merely thought of!

The Performance:

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Business Card Prediction Revealed
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The Effect: A prediction is inserted into the deck by an audience member. Although the audience member has a free choice in where he puts in the prediction card, the prediction manages to find the two cards. Amazing!

Feel The Card - Magic Tutorial
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This is another easy card trick that you will love! You could feel and guess the card correctly just by touching it with your hand! Watch and learn the secret behind this cool trick!

Easy yet Amazing Card Trick Tutorial
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The Effect: The spectator chooses one random card and return it to the deck. Then the magician shuffle the deck so the spectator chosen card is lost. He choosed 4 card and put it on the table. The magician finally let the spectator choosed one card and amazingly it is the spectator chosen card! We promise you'll like this trick! Completely impromptu!

21 Card Trick Explanation
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This is a famous self working card trick that will baffle your friends no matter how many times you show it to them. You can magically deal your friend’s card right out of the deck. This video will teach you how to do this simple trick!

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