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Rising Card Deck Complete Tutorial
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There are many ways to make a chosen card magically rise out of the deck and this article going to show you some of the best! Some use a gaffed deck while others are impromptu.

THE EFFECT: You shuffle a pack of cards and get a spectator to take one. Once they have memorised it (they can even sign it) you get them to place it back on the deck and give it another shuffle. You place the deck back into the card case then suddenly the spectators chosen card slowly rises out of the deck! Learn this amazing secrets!


Video #1 of 7: Rising card with gimmick (rubberband)

Learn how to make a chosen card rise magically from the deck. You need just a deck of card and rubberband.

Learn Amazing Color Card Monte - Tutorial
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This is an amazing trick that you must learn... You deal the cards into 4 piles randomly then do a riffle shuffe on each piles. And the exposed lines reveal that the red and black cards has been exactly sorted by color.

Learn Out of This World Trick - Tutorial
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Out of This World is a famous card trick created by magician Paul Curry in 1942. Hundreds of other magic performers have performed their own variations of this trick. It is often billed as "the trick that fooled Winston Churchill." The method, though simple and essentially self-working, is well hidden, and can be enhanced by the presentation of the performer or the use of other principles of magic.

This clip will teach you one of the most memorable and best effects in all of card magic. Your spectators will never forget this one.


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Learn How to Backpalm a Card - Tutorial
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Learn how to backpalm a card.. Make a card vanish and reappear in front of your audiences eyes. Completely impromptu!

Learn Snap Vanish Tutorial
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Learn How to Vanish a card just by snaping your fingers! We will teach you how to make the card instantly disappear.

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