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The Princess Card Trick Revealed
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The Princess Card Trick is first created on 1905 by American Magician Henry Hardin. In the years, this effect has been reinvented, renewed, rehashed, and rewriten by more than a few. A great magician like Anneman, Dai Vernon, Ganson, Hillard, and Lance Burton once performed this trick in the past. So, you may wonder what is the Princess Card Trick is? It's quite simple trick, easy to perform, yet it's very impressive.

The Effect: The magician show packet of cards, normally four or five cards. The spectator is requested to mentally remember one of the card . The cards are then turned back towards viewers and the magician pockets a single card. The faces of the remaining cards are shown and magically the spectator chosen card is gone!

The Princess Card Trick performed by Lance Burton:


The Princess Card Trick Tutorial (Gimmick):


The Princess Card Trick Tutorial (Non-Gimmick):