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I will try to have some Gospel Illusions you can do with cards, and actual Inexpencive Illusions you can get at Dollar tree our inexpencive Magic kits such as Fantazma and Melissa and Dougs (Although Malissa and dougs are professional grad tricks. But I will try to put one of these tricks into Gospel Illusion perspective each week. and if you can have one to add Please do we would all appreciate it. You have to come up with all your own Illusions so this will be a supply line for those Gospel Illusionists. So check back soon God Bless Pastor Chuck
Discussion started by Pastor Charles Rice , on 18 May 03:56 PM
Pastor Charles Rice, 2012-05-19 11:04:40
Pastor Charles Rice
Ball and Vase Gospel Version Here is another Illusion that can be used effectively in a home visitation setting or in Street ministry. I will only tell you how it will look to the people watching you do it. You start with the Ball and vase closed. Again you talk about Jesus from a point That is comfortable for you but I go from Judas kiss here as well. Then when you get to them putting Jesus into the grave you show the Ball in the vase. Then you put the top back on and talk about the 3 days. Then you talk about Mary and the rest coming to the grave, but the stone was rolled away and Jesus wasn’t there. Here you open up the ball and vase and show it empty. Then you use that for your beginning or you salvation message. You can get these small enough to fit in your pocket of your pants or coat so this could also be an Illusion you use when you visit people from your Church. These will all be in a PDF book soon so I will tell you when it will be available. No not a sales pitch I will probably put them all up here eventually it is just you could probably get all of them sooner with the book. God Bless Pastor Chuck
Pastor Charles Rice, 2012-05-18 21:36:40
Pastor Charles Rice
The Easter Story Using the double lift First let me say that what you say is a BILLION times more important than the Illusion you use to help them remember what you said. This would also be a good illusion you could do during visitation from the Church you go to. You can ask if the people there have a deck of cards and you act like you are checking to make sure all the cards are there when you are really getting the right 2 cards in the right place on top of the Deck. So done right you can do this Illusion anywhere anytime there is a deck of cards handy. You begin by Showing a deck of cards. You can do this with a big deck as well as a small deck you will see both sizes will work. You take the top card and Show that it is the King of Hearts. As you spread the cards out in a fan but not showing the real top card you then tell them (Or something Close to this You are free to make it more personal I am only showing you how I would do it.) Here I have a deck of cards. Close them back into a Square You then do the double lift which I will explain later. Here is the King of hearts. We will let that represent Jesus. (You put the King (Actually two cards) back on the deck. (here you can talk about as far back as Judas Kissing him. (The more you talk the less they will think of the ONE card (really two) you picked up. They will also not be so quick to think you are picking up the top card differently the second time. And you have a very important story to tell as well. You are up to actually putting him in the grave so you hold the deck down at an angle slide the top card off (Which was above the King and put it into the deck. Now you talk about the three days (Tap the deck 3 times for the 3 days,) and how everyone was so upset. Then you tell of that wonderful first Easter morning when Jesus arose from the dead. Low and behold you take the top card off and it is the King of hearts. The things you just heard are the truth. If you believe this Bow your head and say this prayer with me. Either use this one or come up with your own here as well) “Dear Lord, Etc. Etc. And there you have a simple to do but very good Illusion for using in a small group of people. Have fun and always remember to pray before you go see visitors that have come to your Church. God Bless Pastor Chuck