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Sales Illusions
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Sales Illusions
These will be Illusions that if you sell insurance or other products you can come here for Ideas in how to use Magic tricks to help sell your product. This will not be trade show magic but more personal sales the more one on one tricks to sell with. This too could be a great place to come for the people who are magicians but there primary job is sales of Insurance and other things. I will also have Illusions you can make on your printer with card stock I will also on occasion show you how to use table top Illusions an a group Insurance sales meeting. IE: For health Insurance at a job site. Or suplemental Insurance at work as well. Like the Insurances that will pay for food, clothes, rent, Things like that. So either Check back once in a while or send me something to post if you are a sales person. As always God Bless Pastor Chuck
Sunday, 20 May 2012
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