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especially his critical time often staged this show
The start of the game, the Spurs Duncan was the first force resorted to the standard attack inside face of Steve Jobs, Nfl jerseys china,a 45-degree angle hit a plate can be seen from this momentum Popovich would be very concerned and Warriors The game is the sheer strength of the contest. Jobs has always admit defeat, the first ball is aging Duncan easily hit the the Warriors turn is desperately requirements, this is undoubtedly a positive for the Warriors, Lin Fei Jobs and teammates often less find their own requirements, at least for now rarely find their own ball, and if there is, it certainly is that his teammates have a strong desire to attack. Jobs received the ball gently inside the top two, he is far did not expect to Duncan even has aged, but the footwall still firm, Steve Jobs this step did not grab a favorable position, only to turn around fadeaway jumper, Duncan paste, Jobs shot robust, easy to hit. Duncan and Jobs duel is not the first time, he knew that Steve Jobs is a relatively soft post player, is a power forward, but in fact, his insider impact is not very strong, although the data is also good, but a large degree is also thanks to the tactics of the Warriors has done. Duncan second attack still turn around and strong play Jobs. Nelson previously arranged time for Duncan's defense is Steve Jobs single anti to Nelson was convinced Popovich will not let Duncan playing a long time, but the action has been very slow in Duncan, playing Steve Jobs is still somewhat difficult. But was convinced that the wrong thin dead camel than Martha, even if the pace of aging Duncan inside is a bit slow, but the face of the defense is not very tough opponents, Duncan was able to easily eat, for example, Steve Jobs so, Duncan seems very easy to play. To explain, Duncan once encountered strong inside, it is easy to lose, for example, Randolph and Gasol of the Memphis Grizzlies, in the case now, is almost finished blasting Duncan, but that kinds of powerful post player the Warriors lack lightness and speed of play, the Braves in the league is Yiqijuechen, but if the requirements of the melee, the Warriors eventually trample opponents life. Duncan turned hook shot again. This is a bad signal for the Warriors. Nelson seems a little frown,Cheap hockey jerseys, but he still hold to live! He would like to continue to look at the situation in the field. Jobs Linfei again find the ball while on turnaround jumpers, really is powerful! Jobs is really the heart, or a few, turned again to face Duncan hit. Nelson can be considered loose, still did not think the Spurs targeted defense, which undoubtedly gave Jobs more offensive opportunities. Duncan roll up our sleeves, again strong play Steve Jobs, but this time Steve Jobs posted very tight and try to drive down their own chassis, to stabilize their center of gravity, however, Duncan or ceasing wore Jobs, Jobs is no retreat, Duncan followed a homeopathic turned, Jobs see opportunities to call is heard on the jump, go the cap Duncan hands of the ball, but just jump knew fooled sophisticate turned on her own in Duncan layup. Fortunately, the ball did not hit. Duncan's free throws, hit two free throws, Duncan nickname "Buddha", always stern feeling, but after this foul, we can easily find that Duncan minds of delighted. Jobs began to rage, he has dominated the the Warriors twice offensive, and live up to expectations, also play a success. Third minor ball, Lin Fei feeling Jobs feels good, and once again did, but this time obviously too hasty Jobs received the ball, turned and is fadeaway Duncan forced tight, Jobs shot space is too small The ball hit the basket neck, the Spurs' Ginobili got the rebound. Ginobili is definitely underrated players, although he never squeezed into scoring top ten, but he is definitely the league scoring efficiency, five or even three players. The Ginobili nickname "Yao Dao, his dribble nature is like a knife in general sharp, often staged got the rebound, and then Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles, directly reached the score of the play of the other restricted area, such as a knife inserted directly into each other's heart, especially his critical time often staged this show, his snake-like breakthrough, quite practical and ornamental peak Ginobili and Lin Fei breakthrough speed and The footsteps absolutely have a fight, but now it is difficult to say, after all, Ginobili is old, very powerful injuries. However attendant, Ginobili seems want to prove himself got it, got the rebound to direct the ball, bolted the front court, has flashed a defensive Aix, after go hand in hand and Cairns, Ginobili a behind the change to dribble, flashed Keynes Linfei immediate concern in front of Ginobili, Nike elite jerseys,and Ginobili a change to, Lin Fei had expected to, but Lin Fei grab suitable location, Ginobili or forced in that position to open the top Linfei, dribble and kill to the basket and a relaxing hit a layup. Nelson began to sigh Ginobili sharp. So a shooting guard, the league really is hard to find, but Nielsen know, in fact, this time the Warriors defense is a problem, if Zhong intercept Ginobili Lin Fei, and the last defensive Ginobili Cairns, this time defensive maybe that is a classic defense, but unfortunately, the players did not do. Ginobili ball directly angered Aix and Cairns, This is the swingmen combination of one of the strongest in the league (Oh, to count in accordance with offensive the Warriors offensive guard combination or striking combination are the most powerful in the league, in addition to insider combination). In particular, Keynes, just like one to be singled out and Manu Ginobili momentum. Warriors next attack, Keynes surprisingly active ball. How to play the Spurs suddenly becomes a kind of fact, we are not quite ball attack, that is, let the point guard arrangements. But today vs. Spurs seem extra hard. The ball the Keynesian point line at the angle of 45 degrees, the face is too Ginobili Manu Ginobili, Cairns physique is far stronger, Jobs, step directly to the pick-and-roll is to make use of high rounded out the inside, this time In fact, Lin Fei at the outside third walk, originally Linfei most point of the attack force, the ball should give Linfei Keynes obviously a bit angry, directly kill. Ginobili rapidly to keep up with, but Ginobili Where can directly in the location of the free-throw line inside step directly on the take-off of the block has been aggressive in Cairns, Cairns, seemed like a super world's best dunk, but this even when Duncan also danced attempts to prevent, Cheap coach handbags,Cairns is a little angry, but his head is still very clear the Deng Kenfei over the big hand is directed at their own hands the ball, Cairns, this time jump height far exceeds Duncan, Cairns change the ball to the left hand begins to fall, this time after Duncan danced But Keynes still being slightly rise, Duncan landing moment to see Cairns direct repression to live in their own body, his left hand across their own, with a dunks. This record ChongKou directly attracted all the Warriors exclaimed! League seemingly also recently have not been born the classic personal dunks, Moreover dunks background or Duncan, is definitely the top grade of the rare dunk in the league. Violence men - Cairns. Warriors may lack the inside of a violent, but definitely not the lack of a violent player, Cairns is the best proof of this, do not provoke him, he from time to time that the outbreak of absolute as is also shaking the. But Ginobili How can it be ordinary, by Keynes so amazing dunks, the mind naturally fit.
Wednesday, 29 August 2012
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