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Bending a fork using your mind, then letting someone examine it after performance??? Lighting a match, then pushing it up your nose??? Instantly making anyone fall asleep anywhere??? Only SOME of my original performances that can be done with anyone, anywhere, at anytime.....join this group if you perform illusions like these or have certain interest in illusions that are beyond reality like these.....join this group and let us all create and perform beautiful work of magical arts to the unsuspecting world....you won't believe this....I actually used Conversational Hypnosis here.....don't believe me? Try and find it.....JOIN THIS GROUP
Wednesday, 31 March 2010
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Ace Deathwish, 2010-04-11 11:46:24
Ace Deathwish
It's Hypnosis in words....you apply it in your daily conversations with people......for me it's the most easy kind of Hypnosis there is......it's like Embedded Hypnosis but the difference is, Embedded Hypnosis is Hypnosis in action different than Conversational Hypnosis.....It's easy because you can use it even though you know nothing about it.....people use it all the time without them knowing! Did you find them in the description? I'll give you a clue.....1.)it's some kind of a dare that gives you discomfort, then pushes you to read more of the description.....sorry because that's all the information I can give you, some are very "Underground", means a few are only lucky to know, some can be very dangerous when given to the wrong hands......I am forbidden to say more.....thanks for your interest anyway......
Momo, 2010-04-09 05:15:38
What is conversational hypnosis?