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Smooth Operations by Kevin Ho

Available at http:www.dananddave.com Introducing the card magic and flourishes of Kevin Ho, Smooth Operations is a 60 page book explaining an array of new material for both the curious student and seasoned pro. Over a hundred photo illustrations in full color provides an enjoyable learning experience. KEVIN HO is a rising young Singapore magician with some serious talent. As a flourisher, he's already earned a reputation as one of the best. His style is fresh, ultra smooth, and extremely visual. And his magic is no different. Learn 5 effects, 4 sleights, 3 productions and 2 flourishes in 1 kick ass manual of card magic. For more information and to order, visit http:www.dananddave.com . . . Music by: Lemon Jelly Song Title: In The Bath Album: Lemon Jelly.ky Purchase their delightful album on iTune at: http:phobos.apple.comWebObjectsMZStore.woawaviewAlbum?id=4975463&s=143441 . . .

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19 September 2009
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Zuugician, 2009-09-19 07:00:33
Nice and smooth move..