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4 to 1 Transpo by Bill Goodwin Revealed
(13 votes)

This is the performance and tutorial of Bill Goodwin card routine. 4 to 1 transpo is part of a routine called "Off Balance Transposition" in Bill Goodwin's 1997 notes called The Ancient Empty Street.

The Performance:

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Dinner For Two Card Trick Revealed
(13 votes)

The Effect: Two cards selected. Two cards lost into two different parts of the deck. Two cards found in two different ways. Amazing! Very beautiful routine! This is Dinner for Two - an effect created by Josh Brand. References: Smooth Operations (Kevin Ho) & Surfaced (Chad Nelson).


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Satisfaction Guaranteed by Daniel Garcia Revealed
(7 votes)

An Entertaining All Backs Routine

The Effect: The spectator selects a card that turns out to be a double-backer and the routine proceeds with a deck that's full of double-backed cards, a production of four aces and a final revelation that shows the deck to be completely normal. This one is very strong! 

Satisfaction Guaranteed Performance:


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David Copperfield's Grandpa's Aces Revealed
(7 votes)
David Copperfield dedicated this card trick to his grandfather. David makes the 4 Aces dissappear and then re-appear. Nice trick with a great story telling.This trick is also known as "Dream of Aces".

Grandpa's Aces Performance by David Copperfield:

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Clipshift by Chad Nelson Revealed
(28 votes)

This is an amazing color changes from Chad Nelson!

Clipshift is created by Chad Nelson, the clipshift is a versatile move that can do vanish, control and we think it depends on your imagination.

Clipshift Performance:

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