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Zarrow Shuffle Routine Tutorial
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In this tutorial we will teach you the amazing card tricks routine which is using the Zarrow shuffle (false shuffle). Watch, learn, and practice! Then amazed your spectators. Recommended!

Click here to watch the Zarrow shuffle tutorial.

Jokers to Aces FISM Act 2006 Revealed
(1 vote)
This is the magic created by Helder GuimarĂ£es, that won the 2006 FISM. The tricks need a lot of preparation and advanced card skills. Enjoy!

Jokers to Aces Performance:

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Ambitious Card Routine Tutorial
(2 votes)
The Effect: The magician shows a card to the audience and inserts it into the middle of the deck. It reappears on the top. This is repeated under more and more impossible conditions.

Ambitious Card Routine - Performance:

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Cheating at Poker Game Revealed
(2 votes)
Master magician Paul Wilson from BBC show The Real Hustle shows an audience how to cheat at poker and other games. Awesome!


5 Speed by Chris Kenner Revealed
(8 votes)
The Effect: A card is freely selected, lost in the deck, and shuffled by the spectator. Finding the selection under these conditions seems impossible, yet the selected card is found in a twisted, unexpected way.

So here is the explanation for 5 speed:

5 Speed Performance:

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