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Autograph by Justin Miller Revealed
(19 votes)

This trick is amazing. I do it in my school and get insane reactions. I recomend it totally!

The Effect: Two cards are signed and dated. Without any funny moves at all, your spectators VISIBLY see the two signatures change places. Then, both SEPARATE cards become one single card in their hand with your signature on one side, and their signature on the other. However, this effect is a nice twist on a couple of classic card effects.

Gimmick Required: double back card and consistent signature.

Difficulty: Hard

Autograph Performance:

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Cannibal Cards Revealed
(9 votes)

The History: The Cannibal Cards plot was devised by Lin Searles in the late 1950's and this decidedly unusual plot has been capturing the imaginations of card magicians ever since. Since its conception, the Cannibal Cards plot has been a favorite of magicians and their audiences. Here is the list of magician that have been performing this famous trick: Michael Ammar, Bill Malone, Juan Tamariz, J. J. Sanvert, Larry Jennings, Michael Skinner, and Eugene Burger.

The Effect: This is the storied Cannibal card trick where 4 Kings eat 3 missionaries and eat each other. Then all appear together at the end. Great trick with awesome story!

Cannibal Card Tricks Performed by Michael Ammar:

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Top Shot by Lennart Green Revealed
(11 votes)

Extremelly difficult but the effect is superb!

The fastest, coolest way, to reveal a named card ever! Yes, this works with any card called for. If you blink you will miss it! One of the card routine that always shown by Lennart Green on his show.

Top Shot Performance by Lennart Green:

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Emerge Triumphant Revealed
(14 votes)

This is one of the best card tricks you can do with a regular deck of cards!

The Effect: The Magician asks a spectator to select one card. The magician then does several cuts and shuffles so the cards became face up into face down and at the end of the trick all the cards are facing the same way except the spectator selected card.

The additional kicker with this effect is that the cards have also sorted themselves into Ace through King.

No Gimmick! Impressive! Just pure sleight of hand!

Emerge Triumphant - Original Performance:

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Tivo 2.0 - The Trilogy Revealed
(14 votes)

Powerful walk-around magic that can be done anywhere at anytime!

Here's an instant two-card transposition effect. It can be done anytime and surrounded! This is hard trick so you need a lot of time to practice this routine! Enjoy!



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