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Learn This 'n' That Card Trick Tutorial
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This is a step-by-step guide showing you how to do the legendary this 'n' that card trick. You must practice a lot to master this moves..

The original performance

Another explanation:


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ur a gaynoob , February 05, 2010
Ok, that was a really good tutorial in the first one, he just had the lines a little bit messed up, but the sucker part? I don't know about THAT...
MeTaLiCsKiTtLeS , December 30, 2009
oh wow... the first video made me laugh.. you did it WAY wrong.. sorry dude, go to youtube and watch mizmag882 do it. maybe you can do it right for another video, good luck
kail , October 24, 2009
thanks very much man
achiles , June 21, 2009

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