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Visual Torn And Restored Card Revealed
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This video will teach you how to do the visual torn and restored card trick as seen on TV. The making of the gimmick is also explained in this tutorial section.

Here is a little note from the creator of the video:

QUESTION: If this trick can be done in any condition (thanks to the camera cuts), how can I match the signature from the spectator to make six cards out of it?

ANSWER: It doesn’t matter how the spectator make the signature just tell them to do it in the side of the card, then just perform another version of TNR or any other card trick that need a signature from them; after you get the spectators reactions keep the card with the signature and make six cards matching the signature as much as possible. Mix both performances using camera cuts so in this way will look like one continuous performance using several video cameras even when you actually used one.






If the above video does not work, try this:


Comments (3)

What about FOURFIT?
FOURFIT by Reuben Moreland is the BEST torn and restored card, idiots
magicmax718 , December 26, 2011
There is a way
There is a way to do torn and restore without so many gimmicks.
Just one single gimmick and a little sleight of hand you can perform impromptu in front of real audience.
Welll , August 25, 2010
great trick, but
this is a very amazing trick, but i guess its only great in video..

can you create a version of this that is good in front of the live audience?
emo_suck24 , October 23, 2008

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