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BBC - History of Magic - Levitation
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This show will trace the development of entertainment magic throughout the world, from its earliest roots in religious ritual and tribal shamanism to today's international stars of Las Vegas and television.

This series will covers all of the levitation history, secret tricks, and developments. It's the dream of conquering gravity can be fulfilled?
This is the story of how the dream of levitation and fantasy of the mysterious east combine to the magic golden age.

Featuring Stars in BBC - Levitation:

David Copperfield, Jeff McBride, Paul Daniels, Ali Bongo, Kellar, Robert Houdin, Thurston, Paul Kieve, The Great Lafayette, Doctor Kremser, Chung Ling Soo, Fu Manchau, Charlotte & Jonathan Pendragon, Doug Henning, Jim Steinmeyer, Glen David Gold, John Fisher, John Salisse, James Randi, Maskelyne and Cooke, Prof Mick Mangan, Peter Lamont, and Many More.

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