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David Copperfield - Walk Through The Great Wall Revealed
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2 sceptics, The Trickbusters (One engineer and a video analyst) analyse the great illusion from a rational point of view. Magic under analyse. They revealed David Copperfield famous illusion: Walk Through the Great Wall of China.

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@ creativt69
How could he climb over the wall without being seen?
um , December 01, 2013
How do they get the stairs to the other side of the Great Wall?!
um , December 01, 2013
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andytuanfish , October 16, 2013
Music for Copperfield's Great Wall trick
I believe it is the Soundtrack (from the end of the movie) to the early 80's film '2010: The Year We Make Contact"
phranqE , February 10, 2013
David Copperfield walks through the Great Walls in China
I love it...it can be advanced high level magic is more than you imagine
Wesley Conley , April 08, 2012
Getting over the wall

Instead of lifting the stairs over the wall, Copperfield would have simply waited until the stairs were moved off-camera, then jumped out, climbed over the wall himself (using regular ladders and scaffolding), and finally jumped into a second set of stairs that were already on the other side of the wall.
creativt69 , March 09, 2012
thats all verywell but what about the trick done at the great wall? how did they wheel the stairs to the other side? did they lift it OVER the wall? they didnt show that
gabrielnyc , June 12, 2011
extreme ways-moby
ali faraz , May 20, 2010
I think the trickbusters using "Ghostbuster" soundtrack for the opening.
joelxx , March 25, 2010
openning music
hiya does anyone know the the openning music to the great wall illusion. he also use the same music for the Vanishing the Orient Express. thanks for some help its a great piece of music smilies/grin.gif
skippy , March 21, 2010
This is great tricks! thanks
joelxx , March 21, 2010

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