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Eating Fire Magic Revealed
(4 votes)
Do you ever wish to perform eating fire magic trick in front of real audience? Then this tutorial is for you! Warning: This is a dangerous trick! We don't responsible for any outcome after you perform this trick!

Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed - New Edition
(61 votes)


Reality MyNetworkTV presents the all -new series, "Magic's Biggest Secrets Revealed" starring the Masked Magician. They uncover a lot of Criss Angel and David Blaine trick. 5 Stars! Recommended!!

Making a 5 Ton Elephant Appear in an Empty Parking Lot:

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Woman Appearing In Box Illusion Revealed
(8 votes)
Magic Unlimited will show you how the woman can appear from an empty box. This trick is usually used by many magician like Copperfield, Criss Angel, Pen & Teller, and more. Enjoy!


Spears Through Body Illusion Revealed
(1 vote)
In this video magic unlimited revealed how the magician can survive from spears. Really great trick that will amaze your audiences. The explanation is always simpe though!


Criss Angel's Nail Gun Catch Revealed
(3 votes)
Grand Puertolas and Skeptic Muñoz show how easy it is to reproduce the so-called accident of Criss Angel.

Original Performance by Criss Angel:

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