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Buzz Saw Grand Illusion Revealed
(3 votes)
A masked magician exposes how he cuts a woman with a buzz saw. Really nice trick!

How To Appear And Disappear Illusion Revealed
(77 votes)
Juan Fernando created this trick in 2001 and now he decides to tell you the secret. Beware: As soon as you find out the secret of this illusion, you'll also find out the secret of many other tricks performed by other very popular TV magicians, like Criss Angel, David Copperfield, David Blaine, Cyril Takayama, and other.


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Learn Spike Thru Tongue Illusion Tutorial
(3 votes)
This is the instructional video for a spike through tongue illusion. Enjoy the video and freak out your spectators!

Criss Angel - Leg Vanish Illusion Revealed
(6 votes)
First, a lot of tricks of Criss Angels are edited and people you see are actor and actress. This video will show you how Criss Angel do his leg vanishing trick.

Camera Tricks In Magic - Explanation
(1 vote)
The Trickbusters explain how a magicians can make benefit of cameras to perform some of their illusions. A technique used mainly by Criss Angel.

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