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Criss Angel - Crawls Out Of A Storm Drain Revealed!
(2 votes)
Watch how Criss Angel can crawl out of a sewer and after that he makes it dissappear... This trick just using out of camera shot!


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Learn How To Cut Body Illusion - Revealed
(9 votes)
In this clip Pen & Teller explained to us how to cut your body into 3 pieces. Simple tricks yet very amazing!

How To Make Large Objects Disappear Revealed!
(5 votes)

Val Valentino will show you how to make 110.000 pounds army tank disappear in front of large audiences! David Copperfield used the exact same way to make the statue of liberty disappear.

Statue of Liberty Vanished Explanation:

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Watch More how David Copperfield make the statue of liberty disappear: Here

Criss Angel Rollercoaster Illusion Revealed!
(2 votes)
This clip will explain Criss Angel Rollercoaster Mindfreak trick! Criss angel is not a superhuman he is just like us!

Criss Angel Appearing Hummer Revealed!
(5 votes)

In this clip Trickbuster explains the basic principle how to make things appear using a very simple optical principle. This simple tricks has been used by so many famous magician like Criss Angel and Franz Harary.

Criss Angel Appearing Hummer Revealed:

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