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Chinese Lantern Tricks Revealed
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The Magician shows that the box is empty by illuminating it with a lantern. The light is put on the place, the box is closed. The Magician takes around one time to make sure there is nothing behind the lamp. Now the show begin. Magically the shadow emerges inside the box fully controlled by the Magician. Finally, the Magician enters a deep trance and the shadow transforms into a human being and a woman appears from the box.

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David Copperfield
Bet this is the basis for David Copperfield's grand entrance on a motorbike illusion.
Anon , July 08, 2012
Chinese Lanterns
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I do like the Lantern Festival site though, looks really nice and informative.
Chinese Lanterns , March 23, 2010
about Chinese Lantern Tricks Revealed
Chinese Lantern is Not that simple,you can come to my blog to see something about chineselantern festival.
Lantern festival , January 11, 2010

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