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Criss Angel Luxor Light Levitation Revealed
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Did you ever wonder how Criss Angel levitate at the top of Luxor pyramid? This is a mind blowing levitation trick that has puzzled many skpetics around the world. Find out the secret of this trick only at XPloreMagic.com!

Secrets: This trick was accomplished using Black Light Theatre technique, special invisible cable, and a helicopter.

Criss Angel - Luxor Levitation Original Performance:


Criss Angel - Luxor Levitation Secret:



Juan Fernando

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Well your idea was pretty good and it almost had me convinced that it was fake. But there is just one issue. If you watch the original video of him levitating over the luxor, at about 3 minutes into the video the filming helicopter actually goes over him. So there is no way there are little wires holding him up, that heli would have ran into them.
Melody , November 03, 2011
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