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Criss Angel - Walk On Water Revealed
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Ever wonder how Criss Angel walked on water? This Video explained how he do that.


Walk On Water Explanation:

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it is plexi glass
for the gullible who believe he actually walks over water... common!!!
It's a plexi glass platform!!! it's not a plexiglass runway... it's like a "ladder"... there are spaces between the plexiglass "steps" which allow people to walk in front of him, reinforcing the ILLUSION he's walking over water. The girl that swims beneath him is the same principle... picture a four leg table made out of plexiglass... Chris Angel steps on top of the "table" as the girl swims beneath it... through the space within the "table's legs"... and of course... the cheesy reactions of the PAID crowd... this is what I dislike of Chris Angel... he never performs anything to real people... they have all been pre-arranged and in most cases paid!!! I can't believe what I was seeing... jaja... people defend him saying he has never stated he has supernatural powers... which is true... he hasn't... but most times he acts as if... example: the levitation trick... and he talks about energy, and spirit... it's just a very superficial "new age" talk that sums to his whole persona, his act... cause people, that's all it is... AN ACT... Magic isn't real... it's just an illusion... tricks... entertainment
JuanP Som , July 12, 2013
i just watched that episode at lake mead, that "rig" you see at 35 min is the rig for the camera to get a higher angle to look down at criss while he is WALKING ON WATER. thank you
alix , September 02, 2012
for all you people that believe in this stuff.. im sorry hes the biggest fake there is.
watch mead lake and 35mins in they actually show the rig, its horrible video editing and lies.
he does do some great slight of hand, everything else they audience is in on it.
You all stretch to hard to explain it. Its there and obvious.
Niko69 , May 08, 2012
yall are just not belevers unless your are there do not say that it is a trick.
guss , May 05, 2012
People that say its not the way Chris Angel does it just because of the air bubbles are not very bright. All you would have to do is make the top of the glass have an airtight seal that goes down a bit (almost like an upside down bowl with long legs on it). Then if you put it in right some air gets trapped in the space between the glass and the water. So since air and water can not take up the same space this would make the air bubbles people blow out pop when it hits the pocket of trapped air instead of sticking to the bottom of the glass. Therefore helping with the illusion that there is no glass between him and the water.
lee terry , March 18, 2012
It's an illusion
Well, I came there because I've seen the scene on cable TV the other day, and I was wondering how he could do that. Actually, I was suspicing withe a "paid" audience, because... actually, if you can pay people to act in a film tomake believe on theaters that they are gladiators, what's easier than put people in a pool and pay them ?
But what I don't understand it's kinda debate here. That's magical. That's and illusionist. Okay. And that's why he is paid for. Once you know the trick, if you claim he is not a magician or something like that, well, I can say you that you shouldn't had looked to the trick revealed, because it's the way it's works. If you can handle it, that's nice. If you don't, don't look the other side.
Sethdetable , February 07, 2012
Worst of the magicians
What makes Chris Angel suck so badly is that his actors (the "random" people he does thing to) are so bad. They are clearly plants. I don't think this guy could walk up to a random person and perform any amazing illusions. He's just an actor/performer, not a magician/illusionist at all. Add to that his d.baggy demeanor, and he's virtually unwatchable.
lmanyon , January 08, 2012
Well, he is certainly walking on something and it ain't water, but I noticed something in watching this. There is a lot of emphasis placed on the girl who swam under him and how the glass or its supports wouldn't effect her, that I agree with,but there is something very interesting that happens when she does so- she exhales!! Notice the air bubbles, Chris Angel steps right where one of them surfaced, if there was a piece of glass there, the air bubble would not have "popped" at the surface of the water, it would have stuck to the glass. I don't think we have yet seen the actual way this illusion was completed.
akpilot , November 19, 2011
There is just one thing about this idea of the glass being there. Is that there are a couple of people that walk in front of him. How do they get through the glass that is there. Also the camera man starts out right directly in front of him. I think you should post more videos about
StopForeclosure , October 23, 2011
Funny Stuff
People claiming Chris Angel is a fake make me laff. what is he faking? That he is a master illionist? A amazing performing? I have seen him live and I have watched his videos. I have seen him state a few times that all tricks are just that "tricks" He uses distractions and lights and smoke, even blankets, frames and curtians to wow his audiance. He states do not believe your eyes. In fact his Vegas show is Called beLIEve. With empasis on the word LIE. So again I ask What is he faking exactly? I was never a fan of his until I saw believe but I have to say With him and Cirque du soleil the show was amazing. Comical and stunning. Between my mouth dropping to the floor, rolling with laughter and trying to figure out "just how did he do that" I think Criss has what it takes to amuses this planet for many years to come. He wants to be like Houdini but I have to say I think he has surpassed the master
Noangel , July 20, 2011
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about 2 years late, hopefully someone still reads this
This is probably way outdated. I happen to be watching a rerun and seen him walk on the lake so I was curious and thought I'd research theories behind it. I came across this forum and probably have been more entertained by posts here then any magic itself. First I would have to say is if this was true that he had super natural ability to walk on water, I think there would be religious fanatics attacking him. The government would see him as a threat lol and want to make him a weapon. I am not a magician. I don't practice or perform any tricks just hiding my sausage in women, that all I can make disappear. However if you have ever watched Criss Angel biographical videos he clearly states he doesn't believe in super natural, psychics, telepathy. He describes himself as a jack of all trades and uses all the elements combined... illusion, hypnosis, etc. Anyone that posted childish things that he has special powers, Nope. Nothing can break the laws of this universe, or there for would be a demi god. What is illusion? If you know what illusion is you know that by his code of ethics it is real and not fake, he is a magician not a healing the blind or anything else. Also he has said magicians are limited to illusions they can perform, all his stuff is different variations. He's not flying like super man one day then with out the illusionists tool of a blanket, carpet, whatever to cover up anything, making stuff appear directly in front of everyones eyes out of no where to see? Ponder that young jedi's.
dynamite , November 28, 2010
i dont know
Any good magician can pull off a good trick no matter what. The fact that the people on the street didn't see it coming doesn't mean they don't know it was a trick, it means they weren't expecting him to do what he did. By the way I found a website that give you prizes for your opinions and 4 play games here is the topic about Chris:
paty smith , October 04, 2010
Obviously no one can show how criss angel did his walk on lake mead. This is not how he did it. Unless he had altered the video. Which i think he does alot. If you look at his disappearing act by the pool. The shadows move when he's preping to disappear. He obviously uses actors and camera trickory. It's the only explanation. Tho there are other tricks i'd love to know.
nolan Dobb , August 19, 2010
Second video explains it all.
oakjadshfid , August 17, 2010
Can't explain walking on Lake Mead
Like many others have stated, the trick was re-done on lake mead. I would LOVE to see that one spoofed as the audience members came over many times and waved their hands around his feet, walked in front of him, and he kept on walking...

Keep your mouths shut until you have a definite solution to this, we have no reason to believe anything otherwise until you do.
Jealousy is bliss , June 22, 2010
You guys saying that that there are splashes of water so that proves there is no glass... well you are just plain stupid. If there is glass they wouldn't put it right on the surface! That would be kinda easy to see dip shits. They would put it a couple of inches under the water. Also, you don't have to weld glass to the pool to make it stay. The girl also could've easily swam in between. He doesn't have to step farther than the girls shoulders because the glass would extend over the legs a few inches. It wouldn't be even with the legs.
Kelsey , June 12, 2010
JUST watch The SECOND VideO!!!!
watch the video posted below
Che , April 13, 2010
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