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Criss Angel - Walk On Water Revealed
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Ever wonder how Criss Angel walked on water? This Video explained how he do that.


Walk On Water Explanation:

Mirror Video:


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Watch the end of the Video :P
if you really believed my picture think again its at the end of the video smilies/tongue.gif sorry to find out you have to watch
John Benson , April 11, 2010
you really want to know? the camera man failed to hide it 1:50-1:55 if you DIDNT catch it heres a picture:
John Benson , April 11, 2010
ok if you made apair of shoes that had a pocket of air on the bottom would it hold you above the water?
QUESTION!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? , March 07, 2010
we all kno its fake anyways. whats cool is that it looks real. who knows how he did it though...
tink , March 02, 2010
.Ladies and gentleman of the internet, please listen to my pleas for logic and reason. Magicians, illusionists are amazing performers and artists. They get paid to entertain and amaze us by using slight of hand, misdirection and psychology; as well as technology (some times state of the art). But to actually believe that these men have real super powers is....how should I put this, beyond any level of ignorance and childish naivety and leaves me with a void where I once had a spark of hope for human intelligence. One of the greatest magicians ever, Houdini, spent his life exposing con-artists and charlatans who claimed to have real powers. Even Penn and Teller made a name for them selves by showing how tricks where done. If any one really had the powers that David Blain or Chris Angel or any other Illusionist/magician portray in their tricks; they would not be doing shows in Vegas, we would be their slaves, since I can only assume they would have used such powers to take over the world years ago. If anything, the tenacity and blind faith that people use to defend their mystical heroes is a perfect example of how cults are started.

Thank you, and good day.
fuze-one , February 12, 2010
Physics? , Low-rated comment [Show]
i know exactly how the trick was done
u r right about the glass but the glass r in d form of tables with glass legs so the girl can easily swim in between the legs its dat simple folks
-greetings 4rm India
Santos MJ , December 12, 2009
kiss my ass skeptics , Low-rated comment [Show]
I think... probably... It's all assumptions. Why don't you do it yourself and show us the details so we'll be convinced of your so called revelation. We all know that Criss Angel was performing an illusion but its not an assumption that you're trying to point out.
Jojo , November 16, 2009
Wake up naive people! There is no magic, at least the kind of magic Criss Angel, Uri Geller and other mockers are trying to sell. Its all a combination of technology and misdirection of audience. All of their achievements are constructed before each show, which means special mechanisms, pre selected people and camera-tricks are taken place to see what you see.
Sadus , October 28, 2009
It depends on what you believe , Low-rated comment [Show]
What is an illusion ....
The difference between magic and illusion is magic cannot be defined through logic and illusion on the other hand is a man made deception where logic is involve confuse the audience.
The magician will get the task done, the illusionist has to 'act' to sell his drama.
Criss Angel is an illusionist (great or not, separate debate) and he has to sell his act through showmanship. There is no doubt, 70% of audience shown are his crew of actors.
He performs little practical ones infront of live audience and then use that footage to recreate the same act in solace. An example of it was where he used to rise some feet in the air.
This act is normally done by certain inches, not feet, infront of live audience at such certain angle that ppl think he is floating and be surprised. This much u see in wider camera angle with criss and audience visible in the frame but when he rise upto 3 or 4 foot, u can clearly see its either a different set of audience (his crew) or he is solo in that camera frame meaning he is raised by wires.
So criss fans, do us all h8ters a favor and try to research the internet for such things beside surfing for crap and posting idiotic bashful comments here.
Raphae , October 21, 2009
walking on water? thats blasphemy lol
trevor , October 07, 2009
glass must shine?!
i have a question if there was a glass wasnt that suppose to shine?! even thought i observe smth when the girl swims under him look carefully u can see the margins of the glass or what is that
Crazysm , September 09, 2009
it rockz
can you reveal criss walk on lake...

it's cooler men
part of jabbawockeez , September 09, 2009
I agree with Phantomwolf , Low-rated comment [Show]
H8rs, didnt u notice the splashes of water? or r u blind?!?!?!? U just h8 him b/c hes amazing illusionist. Wat u see IS wat u get
#1 Criss Angel Fan!!! , September 06, 2009
i wouldnt say he is a normal guy...i mean sure its fake but its presented in such a manner that is incredible to watch
me , September 05, 2009
So, I must invite him to walk on water in MY pool!
M Adrian , September 01, 2009
idkbrbjk is right its all fake but cool shit
nameiszoro...... zoro jones , August 31, 2009
yoo son
look ...... criss angle and david blaine do some cool shit but like its all fake , but its cool just to watch it all
idkbrbjk , August 31, 2009
Hi Phantomwolf, I am very disappointed with your comment!

Criss Angel doesn't have any power at all! All of his Illusion only tricks! Magic doesn't exists! Please don't praise Criss Angel like he is something 'special'. He is just an ordinary man like we do...
Master , August 14, 2009
I believe it
riff, u ask ppl who think he actually can walk on water are insane or stupid. the pool does look extreamly fake, but i just watched the walking on water at the hoover dam. he walked into the middle of a lake..how could they install glass in a lake? where he was could have been 50 feet deep. that one at least just isnt possible. He has done very amazing things on his show, and i have witnesed some of them, so i do think he actually does have powers of such
Phantomwolf , August 13, 2009
u r fuckin right dude wow smart guy
criis , August 13, 2009
Thread and Glass
All he did, was have a thin, invisible thread like in Peter Pan, connected to a piece of glass. He had one for each foot. These were both moved the same distance on each step. Thats why he concentrated so hard.
TheIllusionists. , July 23, 2009
1. thats cool
3. i never knew that
4. u didnt notice i missed #2
5.now ur checking.
7. now u feel dooked
8. u didnt notice i missed #6
9. u just got double dooked smilies/smiley.gif
mander_pander , July 06, 2009
Girl cuts in front...
What I don't get is... how does a girl cut riiiight in front of him for a minute...? It happens about half way into it... how in the world did they make this glass? Otherwise, everything here makes sense.
Sam K , June 18, 2009
you , Low-rated comment [Show]
moronic comments
we all know it just an illusion.. its still cool though
lol at Oledurt.. is there really a walking shoes on water????and let u keep ur balance?????????????????????????????????????
bee cool jakool , June 03, 2009
hello! im good! so are you xD!

mother , June 01, 2009
are you blind
look at the end like he said at 3:52 he puts his foot down to see if their is any ice left that explains everything so for all of those people who think that he doesn't have anything under him is blind
branden788 , May 28, 2009
thanks a lot..!!XD
thanks for showing me this..Now i don't need to stop performing..!!!XD Philippines..XD I was about to stop performing because i was so insecure and amazed,,XD
popo19 , May 21, 2009
he may have powers ???

you ACTUALLY think he can walk on water ???

just exactly where did you grow up ?
just exactly what do you do for a living ?
just exactly how sane are you ?
riff , May 10, 2009
a guest: not true
there are no water droplets/cirlces when something goes in the water so he doesn't make contact with the water, its camera tricks
somone , May 02, 2009
... , Low-rated comment [Show]
there are wires (just like his building levitation) except he does it on water. Simple, if you can levitate, then why not on the surface of the water?
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz , April 16, 2009
Its the shoes...
watch closely at 1:33 notice when he puts his foot down on the water the shoe ever so slightly wiggles left to right. Look at his legs they appear slightly longer then they should. he is using some type of water walking shoe that his real feet are standing on top of...It is also possible that they can look like feet so that he has shoes over fake water walking feet while his feet are safe inside his pants.
Oledurt , April 14, 2009
If you see the girl swim under Criss Angel you can see the bubbles break on the surface.

There's no glass under Criss...
glen , April 02, 2009
doesnt wear floating shoes
he couldnt have worn floating shoes because at the end of the pool walk onwater clip, he drops his shoes into the water...
Apostle , March 30, 2009
i agree with big ben
his "feet" arent in the right place in coorespondecnce with his body, their too long
Apostle , March 30, 2009
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