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Criss Angel - Walk On Water Revealed
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Ever wonder how Criss Angel walked on water? This Video explained how he do that.


Walk On Water Explanation:

Mirror Video:


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yoo son
look ...... criss angle and david blaine do some cool shit but like its all fake , but its cool just to watch it all
idkbrbjk , August 31, 2009
Hi Phantomwolf, I am very disappointed with your comment!

Criss Angel doesn't have any power at all! All of his Illusion only tricks! Magic doesn't exists! Please don't praise Criss Angel like he is something 'special'. He is just an ordinary man like we do...
Master , August 14, 2009
I believe it
riff, u ask ppl who think he actually can walk on water are insane or stupid. the pool does look extreamly fake, but i just watched the walking on water at the hoover dam. he walked into the middle of a lake..how could they install glass in a lake? where he was could have been 50 feet deep. that one at least just isnt possible. He has done very amazing things on his show, and i have witnesed some of them, so i do think he actually does have powers of such
Phantomwolf , August 13, 2009
u r fuckin right dude wow smart guy
criis , August 13, 2009
Thread and Glass
All he did, was have a thin, invisible thread like in Peter Pan, connected to a piece of glass. He had one for each foot. These were both moved the same distance on each step. Thats why he concentrated so hard.
TheIllusionists. , July 23, 2009
1. thats cool
3. i never knew that
4. u didnt notice i missed #2
5.now ur checking.
7. now u feel dooked
8. u didnt notice i missed #6
9. u just got double dooked smilies/smiley.gif
mander_pander , July 06, 2009
Girl cuts in front...
What I don't get is... how does a girl cut riiiight in front of him for a minute...? It happens about half way into it... how in the world did they make this glass? Otherwise, everything here makes sense.
Sam K , June 18, 2009
you , Low-rated comment [Show]
moronic comments
we all know it just an illusion.. its still cool though
lol at Oledurt.. is there really a walking shoes on water????and let u keep ur balance?????????????????????????????????????
bee cool jakool , June 03, 2009
hello! im good! so are you xD!

mother , June 01, 2009
are you blind
look at the end like he said at 3:52 he puts his foot down to see if their is any ice left that explains everything so for all of those people who think that he doesn't have anything under him is blind
branden788 , May 28, 2009
thanks a lot..!!XD
thanks for showing me this..Now i don't need to stop performing..!!!XD Philippines..XD I was about to stop performing because i was so insecure and amazed,,XD
popo19 , May 21, 2009
he may have powers ???

you ACTUALLY think he can walk on water ???

just exactly where did you grow up ?
just exactly what do you do for a living ?
just exactly how sane are you ?
riff , May 10, 2009
a guest: not true
there are no water droplets/cirlces when something goes in the water so he doesn't make contact with the water, its camera tricks
somone , May 02, 2009
... , Low-rated comment [Show]
there are wires (just like his building levitation) except he does it on water. Simple, if you can levitate, then why not on the surface of the water?
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz , April 16, 2009
Its the shoes...
watch closely at 1:33 notice when he puts his foot down on the water the shoe ever so slightly wiggles left to right. Look at his legs they appear slightly longer then they should. he is using some type of water walking shoe that his real feet are standing on top of...It is also possible that they can look like feet so that he has shoes over fake water walking feet while his feet are safe inside his pants.
Oledurt , April 14, 2009
If you see the girl swim under Criss Angel you can see the bubbles break on the surface.

There's no glass under Criss...
glen , April 02, 2009
doesnt wear floating shoes
he couldnt have worn floating shoes because at the end of the pool walk onwater clip, he drops his shoes into the water...
Apostle , March 30, 2009
i agree with big ben
his "feet" arent in the right place in coorespondecnce with his body, their too long
Apostle , March 30, 2009
simple yet complicated...
if any of you havent figured it out yet, you are seriously on some pills or something because its obvious that he doesnt have glass or stilts or even strings, he's using.........
Apostle , March 30, 2009
Jessica Love's comment is spot on ! About everything.

As is Big Ben's !
Rob , March 21, 2009
Watch the video closer and it should be painfully obvious. Everything in the trick draws your attention to his feet on purpose. So what should you do to understand the trick. DUH, DON'T LOOK AT HIS FEET. If you look at his lower leg, do you not realize that it is longer than it should be. This is because his real feet are in his baggy pants. He has fake feet extended off some device in his pant leg that is used for flotation. I'm not sure exactly how the device works, but if you look closely you can see what I'm talking about and it explains his deliberate movements as well as missing the side of the pool at the end. This is the only way for him to pull off the trick with all of those people around.
Big Ben , March 10, 2009
Secret , Low-rated comment [Show]
wow ur smart dude i never wud of thought of it that way thanks
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , January 04, 2009
wow. . . insulting each other
You know, its cool to insult each other and try to make each other feel like morons, but when you do it, I would pay attention to your spelling and grammer. You don't look any better than a far fetched idea, or the person it came from when you call each other 'idots' and 'morans'. Ha ha!

Oh. . . and being an extra on many TV shows, preformances, and movies, the idea that the network and Criss organized this stunt, isn't far fetched at all. Neither is the idea that all the bystanders are actors. Its been done before. Or they could possibly be friends and family.

Honestly, if we saw someone walking on water, I think it would spark more fear and terror is someones mind than facination and curiosity. I would take off running, screaming the damn anti-christ is real, and he is here. Ha ha.
Jessica Love , January 02, 2009
Walking on water
Hello all, I don't know anyone will read this.

I believe, being a magician and illusionist, this illusion was created with multiple methods.

The first step he takes, that step and a few after, are so steady, the things you need to be watching for are, where the people are, where the cameras are, most importantly Criss's body movments.

I believe the the shot from his camera, of his own feet, is of a different method,
Just like David Blaine when he levitated for the first time, I admit that when these techniques are used, it is effective, but not magic, just tricks, just deceiving.

If you really really want to know how this effect CAN be created well and in public with one camera and no editing or actors, there is a way, there are a few ways, infact I am working on some ways right now.

Kim Flores , December 16, 2008
read a book
if u dont know the meaning of sceptic get a damn dictionary or read a boo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
isaiah amponsah , December 05, 2008
dont forget
oh and the idiot that posted that video is the most biggest terd or in other words stupid person i have ever read about!oh and those people that agree with him, are u also stupid? i want u to think about that dumbasses!
isaiah amponsah , December 05, 2008
i think all u sceptic people out there should clearly think about this and the idiot that thinks he is strapped to a wire is very stupid.And you just cant face the fact that your jellous and very very very stupid!
isaiah amponsah , December 05, 2008
I agree with Pffft
I guess we will never know until we watch the episode of magics biggest secrets revealed when he walks on water!

Rubbish... , November 01, 2008
I think in order to understand how he does this, we have to look above the show itself. Letsface it its immpossible to walk across water, sorry all you got believers. Criss angel has a show on a major televison network, this network is going to do whatever it takes to gt people to watch. the have endless amounts of money to throw away in order for this stunt to work. Im sure there was some sort of computer generation, im also very sure that the actors, hotel, and any other individuals were all in on this. Any normal person that would walk into this pool area and see some dude walking across water would be more freaked out, nevermind screaming and shooting. I think all of it is just one big production in order to get people to tune in. Just as everyother Criss Angel stunt is. Dont believe everything that you see on televison.
Clayton , October 17, 2008
He is simply on a wire from above and acting like he is walking.
Dan , October 13, 2008
guys isnt it painfully obvious, Chris Angel has invented personal hover technology....DUH! lolol its magic people....magicians spend tens of thousands of dollars and years perfecting these tricks. however he does it. i doubt ill ever figure it out.
Bob13 , October 13, 2008
I saw him do another version of this where he is out at a lake not a pool, and their is a camera shot from under the water when he is just standing still and these girls put their hand right under his foot. like 20 or more feet out into this lake. so i think the glass deal is flawed. not to mention its lake water not crystal clear pool water dirt and stuff would very easily get on the glass.
Twjohns29 , October 02, 2008
Obviously there's a trick to it, but this video's explanation is pure rubbish. First and foremost, all his steps aren't all the same distance apart. Secondly, glass isn't 'welded' and it wouldn't be possible to use welding to affix glass to the bottom of the pool as they're two non weldable surfaces. That's not to say something couldn't be put in there and affixed in another fashion, just wanting to point out the many areas this video sucks. Secondly, this 'special camera that sees the glass for Criss'? Yeeeah, that might be believable IF there weren't a ton of shots FROM said camera played throughout his video. Does it have a special button he can click that turns off the 'see invisible glass mode'? Next, the girl that swims under him that is supposedly swimming between the glass steps? She's swimming on her back while underwater, and the step that this suck ass video played over and over in herky jerk motion time shows his steps to be about a foot apart at that point. Unless she's the thinnest girl known to man, her shoulders are going to be a hair wider than a foot. Oh, and them 'somehow' filling the pool with their paid actors, I love 'how it was done' videos that add 'somehow' to it. Just brilliant!

Additionally, he recently did a new version of this trick, wherein he walks a few hundred feet out on Lake Mead, and the audience members walk up to him and clearly wave their hands under his feet under the water at several points while he's standing still. Sorry, no glass there! After he walks a few hundred feet out into the Lake, he stands still for a minute and then slowly sinks into the water, without having moved an inch.

I believe there are either some kind of stilts hidden up his pants (depending on the depth of the water in Lake Mead, may or may not be possible) or some kind of wire suspension system. Either way, the 'audience' would have to be 100% plants in order for something that obvious (the stuff the wires are hanging from) not to be pointed out.
a guest , September 21, 2008
Not sure...
I am not sure how he does it but the explanation propsed above is even less likely to be true than Criss walking on water. I find it hard to believe that even if the filled the pool with actors during the show the "regular" people would have noticed welded in glass in the pool.
a guest , September 18, 2008
funny thing
There is just one thing about this idea of the glass being there. Is that there are a couple of people that walk in front of him. How do they get through the glass that is there. Also the camera man starts out right directly in front of him.
a guest , September 18, 2008
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